Thursday, June 13, 2013



So I'm at home job-hunting/ watching HGTV. Had a super random thought:

I wonder how many of my neighbors have seen me naked???

or at least my boobs lor?

Our apartment has so many windows that we really dont need to turn on any artificial lighting until the sun is down (Which is fine by me because I prefer natural light.).  However, the apartment is also badly insulated-- so  in the summer if its 75 outside its probably 85 in here.

-Dont judge me- but I really hate air conditioning, it makes my head hurt. So I pretty much always have the windows up.

and no shirt on...

not a huge deal to me, I'm in my house, my private domicile.

But lots of windows pretty much opens your world up to anybody  who looks in .

I live in the Highlands /  Deer Park in a fairly busy neighborhood with lots of walkers and such, and a lot of families.
(I will never have enough money to raise 2 kids in the highlands - _________- saddest realization in my life)

also lots of other 2 story homes with windows facing us.

So I'm 95% sure most of my neighbors have seen my boobs.

LOL I'm probably some teenage boys first wank experience!

I asked Cheftopher what his thoughts w\on the subject were and he just laughed and was like

"its not a big deal, we're in our house. If they don't like it they can install blinds or close the ones they have."


o well. word vomit over.