Monday, May 30, 2011

Kiara and Justin

ok~ so you know how you have those one or two (maybe more) friends that you dont talk to or hang out with with very often, but it seems like they know you better than you know yourself?

Well my friend like this is my ride or die boo Justin.

lol isnt he cute!

We met in the most retarded way.

ok~ so two years ago (i remember cuz i 
wasnt freakin 21 yet lol) me and some of my
girlfriends went to this comedy club.
Blah blah blah

I had to pee.
so i go to the restroom with Whitney
and when we're done we walk outside thinkin the show had let out.
it hadnt.
I however out of the corner of my eye, am blinded by fuckin glitter.

So of course i look over
theres this dude in a red and black shirt, black shorts and this fuckin Glittery ass hat.


so i stare for a second, he looks over, i go back inside.

Show lets out for real.

We get a picture with the comedian
(arj barker)

look to the left of me~ Fuckin creepy ed hardy boy lol

and i see this kid again and im like 


and Arj, no joke, was like
 "o that guy in the red, he's cool, you should do get his number."

So of course I took that as a sign.

This nigga has magically gotten REALLY far away from me!

like a good 100 feet.

no big deal right?


im walkin in these:
6" patent & gingham sandal with 2" platform

however, since I'm a pro in heels, i take off like the wind lol, i had to freakin run down an escalator in those.

This nigga finally stops freakin walkin so i have to crash to a screeching halt, fix my corset and skirt and prance over to him.

Me: "hey."
Him: "hey."
-takes that retarded toothpick out of his mouth.
Me: "Take off your sunglasses."
-takes em off
Me: "Hm. ok. well, youre cute, im cute, we should
 make babies, gimmie your number."

Yeah. Ballin. It totally worked, 
we exchanged numbers and 

The Justin Kiara Saga began.

We are like Forrest and Jenny.
only hes not "slow" and i'm not 
an AIDS infected former bad girl.

but we just mesh together SO well.

He comes through for me when
i need dude advice. and im
always there for him.

thats my booboo!!

plus his body makes me happy
like no joke, his arms are the size
of my head.


also- hes a guido...he just wont admit it.

orange tan
douchy glasses



o.. and the sex is good. just sayin...

Typical Aquarius

Lotta information here. all the important stuffs pink tho!  

Im your typical aquarius.
Feb 10th FTW lol

Aquarius - Ruled by Uranus : [Jan 21 - Feb 18]

 A Masculine Positive Fixed Air Sign

 Polar or Opposite sign: Leo
 Colour: All the colours of the rainbow
 The Water Bearer always thinks 
fifty years ahead in time

Positive Traits

•  Friendly and humanitarian
•  Honest and loyal
•  Original and inventive
•  Independent and intellectual

Negative Traits
•  Intractable and contrary
•  Perverse and unpredictable
•  Unemotional and detached

Aquarius Likes : fame and recognition, 
personal privacy, rainbows, dreams, 
magic, change for its own sake, 
eccentricity, surprises, and living
within their means despite the many
 temptations which constantly
surround them every waking moment.

Aquarius Dislikes : emotion
and intimacy, people who show off,
 being taken for granted, being
 pinned down, violence and 
fighting, and senseless or
 purposeless extravagance of any sort.

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water-Bearer, 
a universal man who is pouring forth water from 
a jug. This universal man represents the 
community of mankind. The waters of life flow, 
like ideas coming from the unrestrained mind.
Many people mistakenly think that Aquarius is 
a water sign, but it is an intellectual air sign. 
As such, Aquarius can be interested in concepts 
and ideas. Because of its universality,
Aquarius can seem somewhat detached 
from personal emotions. It's not that you 
Aquarius don't have feelings; it's just that 
yours are different from most others.
You dance to the beat of a different drummer.

Aquarius can be good communicators

 as long as you stay in the mental realms.
 Aquarius are friendly, but can become 
uncomfortable as you discuss your feelings.
 In fact, your friends are very important 
to you and Aquarius might be involved with
 groups of like-minded people in a social
 club, a political action group or a public
 service group.

The Aquarius motto could be

 Einstein's "Great spirits have often 
encountered violent opposition from
 mediocre minds." And yours is a great
 spirit, sometimes erratic and sometimes brilliant.
 You know much about yourself and
 the world, but knowing everything 
can be an obstacle to your own 
happiness. Your practice is twofold. 
First, you must learn how to
 separate your crazy notions
 from what is important. And second, 
you need to learn how to respond 
to the opposition you encounter 
without making it difficult for yourself. 
An Aquarian female is like a butterfly, 
which sits on every flower, but 
belongs to none. She loves her
 freedom and if you can accept
 this, she will love you even more.
Within her boundless limits, her 
love will also be limitless. Position 
and power matter to her more 
than money and bank balance. 
If you want her to fall in love with 
you, be true and honest, not only 
to others, but also to yourself. 
You don't need to follow her rules. 
You can form your own code 
of ethics, but be sure to live by them.

Passion is not one of the personality 

traits of Aquarian girl. Rather, her 
love will be subtle and unassuming. 
She is intense, but may prefer to be 
platonic most of the time. Hosting
 as well as attending parties comes 
naturally to her and she will always 
be a social delight. She will trust 
you completely and will not be unduly 
suspicious of your activities. You will 
also not be bothered by too much 
jealousy or possessiveness on 
her part. Her trust arises from 
the fact that before committing, 
she had dissected your behavior 
under a microscope. 

Only after being convinced of your 

integrity did she take the next step.
 Still, if you become unfaithful to her,
 she will be extremely hurt and is 
likely to remember the wound for
 a long time. With an Aquarian 
female, out of sight means out of mind
 too. So, make sure to be around here
 always. She has a very strong will power.
If she thinks the relationship is 
not working and has no chance
s of improving also, she will break
 it right away; though doing so
 may tear her heart into two

Like every Aquarian,
 she will remember her 
first love throughout her life. 

She will never ever be
 dishonest in a relationship 
and even if she indulges in an 
extra-marital affair, it will end 
before it even started. She will 
always try to know your
deepest thoughts and 
secrets, but her own dreams 
will be beyond your reach.
 Conversing with an Aquarian
 female is usually a delight 
because of her charming manners.
Her mind is quite unpredictable 
and you will find it hard keeping
 track. She will live in the present,
 then suddenly be wistful about 
yesterday and then, become 
enthusiastic about tomorrow. 

Yup. i are aquarius.

yo baby, whats ya sign?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jersey gyaru

no joke, my life has been consumed by Jerseylicious. im a freakin giudette gyaru.

i love tracy.


but dont get me wrong, I love Olivia too.

i HATE alexa.
she's a  cunt

that smokey eye is shit!


mine is way better:

ok so im gonna go watch jerseylicious.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My "diet" and "exercise" routine

Hello! So I've been losing a lot of weight recently. I havnt been trying to though; its just falling off! In a month I've gone from 143lbs to 130lbs. And its not water weight, because I've kept it off with no significant changes to my diet or lifestyle.
So I decided to blog about my non-existent diet and exercise routine.

(Disclaimer: I am NOT healthy in the slightest. This routine is meant for a laugh. Do not take it seriously!!! Do not drink or smoke if you are underage! I, however can because I am old. That is all)

Ok. My diet. God after writing this down I'm gonna feel like such a fattie lol.
I am by no means a dieter or health freak. I eat what I like when I can and I eat whatever is fast and available most of the time..

Carbs are my guilty pleasure. Pasta, rice, bread, if it has carbs, I will DESTROY it.
I also enjoy red meat far too much. I also eat a lot of pork.
BUT I also eat a shit ton of fruit and vegetables. I LOVE green stuff; kale, cabbage, broccoli,spinach, you name it (so long as it isn't brussel sprouts, those never grew on me)

Fruit wise, I eat it all. Seriously, I love fruit. Starfruit, Ugli fruit, mango and papayas being my favourites.
I drink a lot of water and fruit juices. I do drink soft drinks. And I will occasionally go on a binge where I will drink nothing but soft drinks for a few days. This doesn't happen often though, maybe once every six months.

I also drink a decent amount of alcohol. I'm not an alcoholic lol, I just work in a bar where drinking is essentially my job. I'd say I have 4 to 6 drinks a week not including the weekends. On the weekends it really just depends. If I go out, I have 5 or so drinks. If not, then its just me and my water at home lol.

Now onto my "exercise routine".

I am really,really lazy. And its not something in proud of, but yeah. I'm lazy.

However my job requires me to walk. A lot. All the time. I'm a server (waitress, whatever you want to call me). So I have to walk to you, walk to the computer, put your order in, walk to get ur drinks, walk back to you, walk to the kitchen, carry your heavy ass food, walk back to you and then I do your refills, I bring you ketchup, I bring you more napkins. Just blah blah blah!

And I do that several times in the hour.

So lots of walking.

I also smoke. (Don't smoke.. Its bad for you!)
Smoking makes you lose weight because of the caffeine and such in cigarettes.

I also have secret dance parties at home in my room, by myself that I'm sure burn lots of calories lol.

And my main Vice:

I take diet pills. I take the mega tea green tea with hoodia and acai pills.

I don't take them to lose weight specifically. I don't even take them to right way to lose weight actually.
You're supposed to take 2 a day, one at breakfast, one at lunch.

I take one. Before I go to work at 6 only on days when I know its going to be busy, so maybe once or twice a week.

Why you ask? because these are the days when I forget to eat before work because I'm busy freakin out about how batshit crazy its going to be at work lol.

The pills suppress my appetite and give me enough energy to make it through the night. However, if I'm wrong and its not busy at work, I run to the kitchen and grab something to eat.

The pills do not control me.

I am not obsessed with my weight. Did I PLAN on being 143 lbs, no. Did I really care? Not really.
I would love to get back in shape and tone up, but truth of the matter is, my body is gonna do what it wants to do.

I have a naturally high metabolism so I just let my body take the wheel.

The only negative thing about losing weight is that my clothes don't fit now.

 Positive note:


But yeah, its 630am... So I'm gonna go to bed.

Do you guys have any diet tips that work well?

-Kiara Nicole

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2nd job is needed

Hello! Super early in the morning, but I took a nap earlier and totally messed up my sleep schedule.

Anyway, I'm writing this entry on my handy blackberry even though my computer is literally 2 feet away.

So I've been thinking about getting a 2nd job for the summer, maybe for the rest of the year. I love my job at sullys, but being a server means, very little hourly pay and basically living on tips. I work mornings and we're not very busy, so some days I seriously sit at a booth and read. The whole day. No tables. Fuckin crickets. I AM on a salary, but my schedule changed and I'll be working more nights. Which will mean hopefully more money. But who knows.

I'm also thinking about goin to the Paul Mitchell School and becoming a nailist. :D

But in order to do that I'm gonna need money.

Soooo I guess I'll start putting in applications for part time jobs. Maybe some full-time ones too.

Maybe I should be a stripper???

What do you guys think?


-Kiara Nicole

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fuckin great

My god damned ipod got fuckin stolen at work. Fuckin great. Excuse me while I down a bottle of jack and yell at bitches.
-Kiara Nicole

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So I see that my blog has 40,000 views but only 53 followers.

i would post a picture of my terrible bin chow chow face, but it's really quite terrible lah~


So! In order to gain more followers, Ive decided to do a giveaway!!!!


not until i gain 105 followers.

So, if you're not already following my blog, Follow it.

Have your followers follow me.

Make a new  google account and follow me multiple times!

Lets make this happen!

and yes, I do for the most part know what I'm giving away~

Very Glam/Rock,Fun stuff

like this Phone case:

I may even throw something Juicy in there too



Monday, May 16, 2011


ok lah so  I went to target today to buy socks and face wash right. I really only needed the socks since i have enough Noxzema for like another week or so lah, but I digress.

So  on my way to the check out (actually I was lost -_-...DONT JUDGE ME!!  I dont frequent the target i was at today) I ran into the cosmetics isle. 

so while roaming through the Isles of Love I ran across the E.L.F section. Ive heard many good reviews on E.l.f products, but I've never seen any of their products where I shop.

(Yes most of my cosmetics come from Sephora, but those are mainly face products (primer, foundation, blush)

anyway! So while looking at the products I was like "o..this is decent stuff...I wonder how much this is....." So I looked at the price:

holy shit! I love cheap eyeliner/mascara/lipgloss!!!


since I dont really need anymore makeup at the moment, i went for the one thing I can never have too much of:


so i paid $1 for E.l.f waterproof eyeliner pen.

to be honest, i didnt expect much out of it, but i was wrong!

it went on smooth, dark and didnt budge when i rubbed my eyes!

will i buy again?


so, I'm off to to buy brushes  and other things i dont need.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MY rules of Gyaru

OK So first off let me start by saying that in NO WAY am I the end all be on gyaru. these rules are nothing official. These are simply MY rules.The rules I myself personally follow.

Take them seriously if you wish because I feel like they're good rules/tips. But if you choose not to, I wont be mad. 

So. You wanna know my rules on gyaru eh?

well~ they're simple, straight to the point and hard to fuck up.

1) Dont become gal if you dont like fake things being attached to you.
Sorry, it is what it is. Gyaru is very much an "enhanced" style. Big hair, Big lashes, Long nails, Boob Pads, so on, so on, so on. Since very few of us are born with the afore mentioned things, we have to get them. 
Wigs, Extensions,Fake lashes, lash extensions, acrylic nails, gel nails, fuckin press-on nails, all part of the package.

2) Understand that being gal can be expensive. VERY expensive.
I personally do not care about the branding of my things.  I dont need DollyWink this and Gilfy that. but some gals do, and are willing to pay for it. Some gals would rather spend $30 on getting their nails done vs $30 on 3 or 4 pair of Dollywink lashes. 

To each her own. 
However, hair, nails, makeup and clothing are not cheap things.
I've spent WELL over $1000 on makeup alone in a year. Is 95% of my makeup brand makeup (NARS, MAC MUFE...)?

because I choose for it to be. 

You can easily spend Hundreds of dollars a month on you gal items.

I  do not spend crazy amount of money on my wigs or my nails or my clothes.
I do not feel the need to own Japanese brand clothes or makeup. I can go to the mall and find something just as amazing.

3) Once you decide the you do really want to be gal DO NOT post all of your makeup practice shots online
you will end up on Gal Secrets.

all of the negative comments and whatnot may cause you to run.

which could really suck. especially if you have  potential.
Post a  few pictures up, only the better ones of your attempt and ask for critiques.
you WILL get help.
some of it may sound negative and mean, but we are only trying to help you.

you need thick skin.
dont be a fuckin crybaby.

4) Learn what look fits your lifestyle

if you live in a box and dont have a pot to piss in, you probably dont wanna go for himegyaru.
Im really not trying to be mean or cunty, I'm just tellin you the truth.
go for looks that you like and that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Gal is not cosplay. Its not something you do on the weekends.
If you like a rocker look go rokku
If youre older and still wanna  be glam go onee 
If you like extreme fuck, go manba.

have fun with it.

5) For makeup, your best friends are magazine scans, youtube and a mirror.

if youre black or white or something other than East Asian or if you lack east Asian features, the tutorials in magazines are NOT gonna be your best bet.

you dont have the same facial structure!

so find a look that you like, figure out what you can do with out help and what you cant. whatever you need help with, search for on youtube. thats how i learned how to contour.

i recommend Petrilude
once youve figured out how to take the look that you like and put it on your face:

practice in your down time, practice bits ands pieces daily, learn how to sculpt your face.

dont be afraid of it. Its just makeup.

6)Photoshop will be your best friend and worst enemy.

so you've figured out how  to do your makeup. Awesome. Good Job.
but no matter how much you shade, your nose is still the size of pluto, or that zit it holdin strong against that wall of foundation and concealer.
if youre goin out in public there aint shit you can do about it besides ignore it.
however, if youre at home camwhorin, theres a wonderful program out there called:

or for cheap bitches like me
I will not EVEN lie and say i dont shop my pictures, because I do.
But not much.

I clear up my skin if it needs it, shrink my nose, grow my eyes, darken liner if i have to, you know "the usual"
But, I'm still recognizable.

Do not abuse the power of the shoop.

your makeup should be the shoop!
no shop, just skills

shopped to death.

I actually think those are different pics taken on the same day lol. But you get the point right!


the main thing to remember is that being Gal is not a competition!

Its not about who has the best hair, biggest lashes, flashiest clothes or the richest boyfriend!

its about having fun!

Get Wild! Be Sexy!

you can be gal with natural makeup or walk around lookin like an inverse panda

frankly idun give a fuck so long as youre havin fun!

dont be afraid to try new things!

Dont be a clone!

8) Make friends!

gals no fun if youre all alone!

if you dont have a friend to sit on the bus stop with and make dumb faces,youre missing out 

you also need a friend to take pictures of you when youre drunk and tell you what you dont remember!
(dont drink unless youre of legal age!)
I STILL have no clue what happened leading up to this

we gals are just one big family.
we're sisters.

yeah we may fight and have catty arguments, but what do you expect?

we're girls.

and guys lol

but really.

Have fun! 

Theres No Future, No Heaven, LETS GO CRAZY!