Sunday, February 19, 2012

wah wah wah blah blah blah

herro. i havnt blogged in almost 3 weeks, wow.

not that its a big deal, its not like i post anything of severe importance lol

Im at work w/ chris, he's cooking every dish off of a new menu for plating and demo purposes.


i want food!!!!!

also- random thoughts on gyaru:

Im really over it.

im over people being stuck up other ppls ass
im over ppl saying this persons more gal than that person
im tired of "the rules"
im tired of the drama
im tired of the fakeness

I'm not goin to be quitting the style or anything, i just really dont give a fuck anymore.

lol not that it matters;

"im not gal anyway"

(well according to G_S)

ya know what--maybe im not.

i was punk before i was gal, and punk is still in my soul.

soooooo yeah.

im done.


Friday, February 3, 2012

random post in the kitchen "office"

hello hello! so i had a Friday (today) off from work!!


today was quite productive for me actually:

i washed like 2 weeks worth of laundry, cleaned the bathroom,the kitchen swept down the basement steps, cooked, fed, watered and played with the dog ALL BEFORE NOON!


but since i didnt want to spend my off day stuck in the house smoking cigarettes and drinking martinis (hey, Im legal and i can do as i please!) i hung out with my friend Shannon and her husband Deon.

And where do u think we ended up?


yup, I always end up at work.

But i had good reason to:

Happy Hour from 4-8 (half price calls, well, drafts and wines, PLUS i drink for $2 since im an employee)

and my main reason:

Chris wanted to see me


lol so from 4-6 we drank and did just random trivia w/ m y friend Taji who works down the street at The Pub, and chris came out and did some trivia with us and met Shannon.

She says hes a keeper :) that makes me happy.

But anyway, Shannon had plans at 8, so she left.

But i stayed to hang with chris and we have a date planned for after he get off work in like an hour or so.

Im chillin in  the Kitchen office at work (hes Head Chef/Kitchen Manager) on his laptop, pissing out this blog.


he just opened the door and said "I came in here for something..o yeah, thats right." Kisses me and then ran back onto the line.


o yeah my outfits really cute too!

I'll have Chris take a pic later and edit this post.

but ok, guys, thats all for right now i think...


My birthdays the 10th!!

hittin the BIG 2-3!!

woot woot!!!

lol ok bye!