Friday, December 31, 2010

Boo on being sick

Yeah, no way I'm goin out tonight.
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so long 2010

well its technically the last day of 2010, Friday December 31st... and I'm sick in bed. 

It really sucks because this would've been my first New Years being 21..but I dont wanna push my body too hard.

I'm not really sure if I have a severe cold or a minor flu, but either way I feel shitty. 

Also, it hurts when I cough.

I am taking medicine though. lots of dayquill, orange juice, citrus fruits, theraflu, water and cough drops. if im not better by next week I'm gonna head to the Dr.  but hopefully I'll be better soon, my bodys pretty hard core!

Have a Happy New Years everybody!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I miss posts like these

also, doesn't look like this is ever gonna happen

 theres still a tiny chance though. 

and I'm counting on that tiny glimmer of hope...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


How can things go from "getting better" to "I can't do this anymore" so fast?All I wanted to do was be honest with you, like you asked me to be.I just dont understand. 
You said you werent "my life, but a part of it", do you understand that you were such a huge part of my life? 
I'm sorry for the lies, the worries, the sleepless nights, for turning you into somebody you didnt want to be.
I never intended for that to happen.

here we go  welcome to my funeral  without you i dont even have a pulse  all alone it's dark and cold  with every move i die   here i go  this is my confession oh  a lost cause nobody can save my soul  i am so delusional  with every move i die   i have destroyed our life,  it's gone  payback is sick  it's all my fault   I'm Dancing With Tears In My Eyes  just fighting to get through the night  i'm losing it  with every move i die   i'm fading  i'm broken inside  i've wasted the love of my life  i'm losing it  with every move i die   when did i become such a hypocrite  double life, lies that you caught me in  trust me i'm paying for it with every move i die   
on the floor im just a zombie 
who i am is not who i wanna be  
i'm such a tragedy with every move i die  
 i have destroyed our life,  it's gone  payback is sick  it's all my fault   I'm dancing with tears in my eyes  just fighting to get through the night  i'm losing it  with every move i die   i'm fading  i'm broken inside  i've wasted the love of my life  i'm losing it  with every move i die   this is it and now your really gone this time  never once thought i'd be in pieces left behind   I'm dancing with tears in my eyes  just fighting to get through the night  i'm losing it  with every move i die   i'm fading  i'm broken inside  i've wasted the love of my life  i'm losing it  with every move i die  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mountains, Cabins and BEARS!

So this may be a weeeeee bit early too be blogging about, but I'm just  so freakin excited!

So I've been talking to John and trying to convince him that we should go on a vacation of sorts. maybe do something for our 1 year anniversary in May. Ive had my eye set on Disney World  for like...forever. But John told me that he's not a huge fan of theme parks, ( I know right, what kind of crazy is that?) and that he would rather do something simple and quiet.

So I scratched the Disney World idea. In all honesty, DW would be a tad expensive for a 22 and 23 year old; I mean, we'd have to fly down there (or make a crazy day long drive), and get a vacation package and blah. blah, blah, plus, I would personally like to stay in one of the fancy hotels, and even if I booked a value resort, John would be all " get what YOU want." and since I'm 80% sure he'd be insistent on paying for it, just no.

Disney vacation from May 6th, 2011- May, 10th 2011 WITHOUT A FLIGHT OR CAR RENTAL


this includes

  • staying at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort
  • 5-Day Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® and Water Park Fun & More
  • Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining

now lets add plane tickets and car rental

with plane tickets (round trip) $2,143.00

and with a car rental (because id like to go to the beach too ^^)


yeahhh. thats a 4 day/3 night stay. And I know we could get a hotel outside of Disney world and eat out instead of getting the dining plan...


Anyway, so i looked into something cheaper, simpler, and closer to home. So i thought maybe Cincinnati, St. Louis, or maybe a cute little B&B somewhere in town. 

and then it hit me--


its close, its cheap, its secluded, and romantic!

I spent a few hours looking online at cabins and such and i found Cabins for you in Gatlinburg! 
I read a bunch of reviews and saw only maybe 2 or 3 negative reviews out of like 165? I would say those are pretty good odds right?

I looked under the $100 or less per night cabins because we wont be there for more than say 2 nights, which is the minimum, and found one that I loved



ok lah, I know its not Buckingham Palace, but its only $99 a night!
I didn't really want anything crazy fancy. Just something with a nice view, a hot tub, a jacuzzi, and a DVD player. Its equipped with:

  • 1 queen bed
  • 1  Sleeper
  • Smoky Mountain views
  • Hot Tub
  • Wood Burning Fireplace
  • Jacuzzi Tub
  • Rock Fireplace
  • Paved Parking
  • Big Screen TV
  • DVD Player
  • Charcoal Grill
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Hair Dryer
  • Fully Loaded Kitchen
  • VCR
  • CD Player

 Its also close to Pigeon Forge and Downtown Gatlinburg, so if we choose to actually leave the cabin, we can do stuff!

but here's more pictures of this beautiful cabin! OMG IM READY FOR IT TO MAY!!

the view

view plus the hot tub


living room


The cutest bedroom ive seen in a while!
the jacuzzi and the flat screen

So yeah! I cant wait for John to come home so we can set this up and everything. I think this would be really nice to do in the fall so we could actually use the fireplace, but John gets deployed again in September, but not for very long. So maybe if we like this, we can start doing these trips more often!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Makeup, Makeup MAKEUP!

Agepoyo! So I got a majority of my Christmas shopping done tonight! I just have one more person to shop for and I intend on doing that tomorrow~ but anyway I went into Sephora at Jcpenney today (BEST IDEA EVER) and totally went crazy.

I had only intended to run in and buy a foundation brush and some new blush; but NOOOOOOO!!!! I bought so much stuff. T^T

heres what i bought:

  •  Makeup brush cleaner
  • Liquid eye makeup remover
  • Makeup remover wipes
  • Sephora Brand Eyelashes in "Glam"
  • Sephora brand Blush in "Apricot"
  • Sephora brand cream eyeliner in "must have" aka BLACK lol
  • NARS blush in "Taos"
  • BareMinerals eyebrow color in "Auburn"
  • BareMinerals all-over face color in "Pure Radiance"
  • Make Up For Ever HD High-Definition Powder
  • Make Up For Ever HD High-Definition Primer
  • Bare Escentuals brow brush
  • Bare Escentuals Handy Buki Brush
  • Sephora Professionals Flat Eyeliner Brush
  • Sephora Professionals Angled Blush Brush

yeah.......well at least i actually got what i went for!

now to play in said make-up!


super love my haul :