Monday, November 29, 2010

1st official Bad Gals meet!!

My Circle had its first official meet on Black Friday!!!

So Cass, Mama Kai, her baby Emilio and Adrian drove down from Indianapolis to meet up with Miranda and I!

OMG~ Friday was hectic! i was up till 7am trying to figure out what to wear to be fashionable, Gal and warm; not an easy feat in Kentucky. After finally deciding on what to wear, i said i just wasn't going to sleep. yeah, i was out in like 10 minutes. But I did manage to set my alarm for 10am since i thought we were gonna meet up at Miranda's house at 11am.

So I get up, get dressed and all that fun shit and my friend Chrissy dropped me off at Miranda's house while she ran some of her own errands. So while at Miranda's I put my makeup on and add the finishing touches to my outfit and eat a pop tart lol.

We were expecting to meet up with Kai and Cass at Miranda's around 11am, but we had a little issue with another member (now Ex-member) and Miranda and I decided to just head to the mall.   OOOOOHHHH Mall St. Matthews, how i love thee, yet how my wallet loathes thee.

First stop: 

yeah... we were in there for maybe an hour...I spent $100.00, Miranda spent $150.00

Miranda spent more because she had to buy a gift for her friends bachelorette party.

i bought 2 pairs of panties <-- god i hate that word!
love these

also got another pair, but I cant find a picture of them. Also bought a bottle of one of my favorite perfumes:
got one for miranda as her xmas gift too!
to go with my little gift bag i bought myself a few weeks ago!

also bought a limited edition set called "Naughty and Nice". It smells like Christmas! SEXY CHRISTMAS! 

Also got the body wash, but i cant find a picture of it on the website =\ 

I bought Cass and Kai some Noir too! little ones though, in case they didn't like how it smelled

After putting away our Angel Cards, we went outside to smoke. We called them and they told us that they had just gotten off the exit to get to the mall. It was exciting and yet nerve wracking! What if they didn't like us, or what if we didn't mesh well!! JUST OMG!!!!  Luckily~ that didn't happen! 

So we finally meet up with them and head into the mall!

We swing by Forever21, which i hate because its so unorganized and cluttered, to look for velour jackets. If you didn't know, Kai has HUGE boobs. like HUGE~ but not trashy, don't get it twisted lol~ so the large jackets fit, but they wouldn't zip. but also, the medium was small on me too so Boo on F21.

bad gals

After that epic fail we just wandered the mall looking for Gal clothes, we stopped at a cart that i call "The Hair Cart", an Asian run cart that sells, hair pieces, hair accessories, scarves, leggings and leg warmers. We looked at some of the stuff and were like "o this is cute, but its overpriced." They did have some really cute monster fur leg warmers that Miranda ended up buying. they're really cute and all, but I'll just make some lol.

Next store on the epic mall trip~ WET SEAL

I LOVE wet seal, but I didn't see too much this time around that i wanted. =[

Cass bought a pair of Zebra stockings though 

Then onto:

didn't find anything in there either lol, but i really never do. 

HOWEVER! we did find our velour jackets!

Kai and Miranda got pink ones, Cass and I stuck to basic black and we also picked up one for our 5th member D, who couldn't be there because she had to work.

After finally finding jackets, we hit up the food court and then headed back to Miranda's house.

o yeah, Miranda's guy friend Derek was there too lol.

once back at Casa deLawrence we took our head shots for the web page.




Lol, Im orange as always~ but whatev. 

after head shots, we fucked around online looking for things we do for Christmas gifts for each other and jacket designs and gal stuff of course, but Kai had school in the morning and they had to leave =[

but all in all a fun day was had and i cant wait for our next meet! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 14

 A picture of something you ate and 10 confessions. 

sweet potato pie

1- i wanna have sex SO BAD
2- i can suck my own nipple lol
3-i have no issue pooping while on the phone
4-rimjobs= amazing
5-I am so ready to get married and have kids
6-I'm TERRIFIED of bein alone in my own house
7-I pee in the shower
8-i watch porn to put myself to sleep
9-i still have EGG magazines from 2007
10-I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright =]

Day 13

Write a letter telling someone something you could never tell them.

dear mother,

please leave me alone.

that is all.

your daughter,


Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 12

A picture of your room & don’t cheat by cleaning it. Share a secret.


a secret-- im really tired of everything

Blog Challenge Day 11-

 A picture of something you dislike.





Blog challenge Day 10

 A story about a past relationship. 


it's in the past for a reason, once a relationships over- it may as well never existed. 

Blog challenge Day 09

something im proud of....this smells like a Johnjohn post lol

I'm proud of my angry asian airman. 

lol, im getting so lazy with the "boring" blog challenges.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog challenge Day 08-

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why. 

lol i really only had one and i achieved it =]

Get a job.

because Ive got bills to pay, and christmas cards to send out =]


Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

i want to take a good picture of my parents to post here, so just wait for it

Thursday, November 11, 2010


!boyfriend challenge♥ !
01. Where did you meet your boyfriend?
 Well… i went to school with him, but I didn't actually KNOW him. We had a few mutual friends and such, but we didn't know each other.  So I guess we technically met via Facebook, we would comment on each others status' and such, and then he wrote on my wall and blah blah, we were having  a conversation about smoking and then I said that he should give me his number lol.

02. Favorite picture of your boyfriend
 LOL this one easy-- (≧∇≦)

03. Favorite picture of you and your boyfriend
we are obviously not asleep lol

04. 5 facts about your boyfriend
♥ He’s half Korean
♥ He's in Afghanistan
♥ He's 6'2' ish
♥ He puts "White" instead of "Asian" on his forms

05. Make a list of the things you like about your boyfriend
♥ He puts up with my crap ♥  He apologizes even if it takes a while ♥ He smells good ♥ He's supportive of me and my dreams ♥HIS TEETH ♥ He buys me food ♥ He gets along with my dog ♥ He works ♥ He always has time to text me or call me♥ He taught me how to shoot a gun ♥ He is intelligent ♥ He hangs around good people~ ♥ hes mature, but can be silly with me :3 ♥ I can fart in front of him!!! lol ♥ He sings to me ♥ He cuddles with me ♥ He lets me nuzzle him and actually enjoys it ♥ he listens to my crazy zombie survival plan ♥

06. What did yah’ll do the last time you hung out?
Well the last time we "hung out" was the day he flew off to Afghanistan. So, I got to the airport like 2 hours before him (the USAF hast terrible time management skills), he got there, I got some kind of security pass to go with him to the gate, I hid his can of dip from his mom, got to the gate, lots of goodbyes ans iloveyous and i cried and then he got on the plane, and I then i went home and cried some more.

07. What was the last movie yah’ll saw together?
"Despicable Me" i think.

08. What do you guys do often?
email each other now. we used to have a lot of sex lol
09. Give your definition of love
butterflies and tootsie rolls 

10. Write a letter to your boyfriend
 Hi Panda Bear!!! I love you and I miss you!!!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Challenge--Day 06

 A hobby you have. 

hm... a hobby....I like to read, sketch,learn about technology, cook, clean (yes, cleaning is a hobby lol) watch movies. ya know, basic stuff

Blog Challenge--Day 05

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to. 

hm..I've led a rather boring life travel wise lol but lets see what I can come up with.

When I was maybe...8? I went to Disney World with my mom and her friends and their children. I had a GREAT time and I would love to go back sometime soon. I think my parents were planning on taking my nephew one summer. I really wanna go!!!!

Ive been to St. Louis, I went for my 5th grade class trip lol. We got to ride to the top pf the Arch and see a baseball game and I wanna say we went to the zoo.I mainly remember the Arch though. 

The Cincinnati Zoo is another place I've been! haha I feel so well traveled, even though I'm really not.
excuse my not so great picture, I was in the backseat of a moving vehicle with a very excited 4 year old climbing over me to see what I snapping a picture of.

It was SO crowded!

Another fun place Ive been is Hubers Farm. I went with friends to pick pumpkins!!! we had a damn good time and a cow licked me!!! 

Ive also been to the Newport Aquarium a few times, the most recent time bein last July with John and his younger sister. The drive was horribleeee, we were all running on like 2 hours of sleep because he stayed up talking to me about some family problems he had that night and such. HOWEVER!!! in my eyes I didn't care about any of that because this was the day he told me he loved me for the first time!!!  YAY NEWPORT!!!!

but we had a decent time in newport and when we got home we crashed. like seriously, we were asleep for like 8 hours. Johns real cute when he's asleep:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog Challenge--Day 4

List 15 songs that represent your life’s soundtrack.

hm. ok, this is gonna be a little hard because all my life consists of right now is job hunting and missing my boyfriend  lol w/ the ocassional hang out session in between.

Here goes:

1) Hero. -Enrique Iglasias

I know its a super sappy song and I get a LOT  of shit from my friends over this song, but whatev.
This is me and johnjohns song  ♥ I'm honestly not even sure how it became our song! But it is and I like it =]

2) The Waffle Song! 

LOL!! this song is just so random and entertaining! JUST LIKE ME!!!!!

3) The Pogues - Wildcats of Kilkenny

This is my travelin music!! Its like a rule that somewhere in the day, every Friday, Jeremy and I have to listen to this. We make these wonderful monster faces and try to freak people out, but we just end up laughing. good times.

4) Amazing Grace.

I want this played at my funeral. And i want to be shot into space, like Spock. So, yeah.

5)The Pogues- Wild Rover

This is my drankin song! you have to clap! Lol, I used to make my coworkers clap to this when i worked at mcdonalds. I would play it over the speakers to the kitchen (when we weren't crazy busy) and my fav coworker Dee, would stop what she was doin JUST TO CLAP!!! Good Times.

6)Lady Gaga- Monster

I love my mama Monster. This song is basically the song I associate my failed relationships with.

7) AFI- Beautiful Thieves

Im not really sure where I'd put this in the soundtrack of my life. But theres something about the lines

We can burn it and leave
For we are the beautiful Thieves
No one suspects at all
No one suspects

that just speaks to me. maybe I'm just wreckless?

8) Daft Punk- Harder Better Faster Stronger

this is the song i wake up to. no joke. its my alarm tone on my berry lol.

also- Daft hands makes me happy =]

9) Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat- Lucky

another Johnjohn&Kiara song. this is basically our "deployment" song. since he's 7,148 miles away from me across the water, across deep, blue ocean, under the open sky...... I'll stop now lol

10) Dragonette- I get around

Lol so I used to get around. I'm not ashamed.

11) Lady Gaga- Just Dance

Just Dance, It'll be ok. Words to live by.

12) Carol Burnett - Little Girls


13) A Perfect Lie

I'm not sure who sings it and I'n really tired so I dont feel like looking it up. But this is the song I listen to when I'm putting on my makeup most of the time. If you knew the amount of makeup I wear, you'd understand; Im nothing but good lighting and false eyelashes.

14) Beyonce- Halo

I need to get married to this song. I HAVE to. its a life goal.

15) Aqua- Happy Boys

End Credits. A happy song for a happy ending right =]

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My dream car

its no secret that I like nice things.

so it should be no secret that my dream car is a Big Bourgeois Beast

a Mercedes G-class.

They used to be used in the Army

see! army mercedes!

but yeah~ I would love to own one of these babies. they START at $105,750.00
which basically means that Ima be doin a whole lotta hair,nails,makeup and eyelash extensions. 
But it would SOOOOO be worth it.

also Nicole Richie owns one =] 

So, i went to the Mercedes website and built my own G-class to MY liking

cuz im Bourgeois.


    Exterior:Arctic White$0
    Trim:Burl Walnut Wood Trim$0


    white on white!

    final cost:


    so...once i get outta school, anybody want they hair did?

    Blog Challenge--Day 3


     A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

    there's lots, but 1 in particular:


    (I smoke Marlboro Smooths)

    they taste like Andes Mints! no joke!

    its not sexy, nor is it glamorous!

    even though some of my favorite actress' from the 20-60s smoked:

    Marilyn Monroe 

    Marlene Dietrich

    Mae West

    Joan Crawford

    god i love Joan Crawford!

    anywho~ smoking is BAD FOR YOU! its fucks up your entire body!!! 

    • your teeth turn yellow
    • your breath stinks
    • it yellows your nails
    • its bad for your lungs, mouth and throat
    • and it can fuck up your baby makin parts!
    • also it makes you stink!!
    and dip is no better! John dips and it makes me wanna vomit! plus you have to carry that fuckin water bottle full of your nasty brown spit!
    thats a GALLON jar almost full of DIP SPIT

    dont get me wrong!! My lungs are prolly pretty gross too-- but nobody has to SEE my nasty lungs!

    im pretty sure mine arent THAT bad, but still

    also-- its not secret that smoking causes cancer-- but have you seen the shit dip does to your mouth???

    I tell john that I can get a new lung or survive with just one, but whats gonna happen when they have to cut his fuckin jaw off???


    SEE!!!!!! BAD BAD BAD!!!!

    so yeah, just dont do it!!

    also you can read this guys blog here

    also-- smoking is fuckin expensive!!!

    think about it-- say yo smoke a pack a day- $5

    $5 a day x 365 days in a year= $1825.00 a year, on something that is basically killing yourself.

    now lets say you've smoked since you were 16 and are now 60

    $1825.00 a year x 44 years= $80,300.00


    that's a goddamned 2011 MERCEDES CLfuckinS

    with money LEFT OVER

    so yeah. stop smokin and buy a Mercedes. 

    THE END.

    EDIT!! after writing this blog, a) Im done smoking after these last 2 packs-- and b) i made this CLS class to my liking and heres the final cost:

    I have $3

    • Base MSRP:$74,000
    • Additional Costs:$4,128
    • Gas Guzzler Tax:$1,300
    • Transportation Charge:$875
    • Total Price:$80,303