Tuesday, December 27, 2011

im not dead.

but my hair is big.

Sorry for my absence guys!

im workin my ass off again.

But i'll be posting something w/ actual substance soon!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear John

Its been about 10 months or so since John and I officially broke up. if i remember correctly, we were semi-broken up this time last year. his head was telling him to let go but his heart didnt. i was the same way.

So i think I'm finally ready to blog about the whole situation, since a lot of people actually want to know what happened.  Im not gonna put in  all the details, just the basics. I am in no way trying to put his business out there, or gain any sympathy. I simply need to blog this to get it out of my head 100%.

I will say that i am probably 99% of the reason why we broke up, so im not gonna candy coat anything or turn stuff around to make me look like the victim, cuz i brought this upon myself.

Friday, December 2, 2011

I overslept, left work and got a hole in my lip!

O lah that only sounds awesome in the title.

I pretty much woke up at 9am (which is usually when I'm on the way to work) so as I was haulin ass too get cleaned and such I tripped and fell. Like legit face-planted, however that didn't stop me!

I was at work by 935 :)

I normally wouldn't worry about it, but I started training the new opener today!!!

New opener means more off days for me!!!!!

So we opened the bar, and I left. Its not like we're busy during the day and he already knows how to serve, its not like I left him high and dry.

So my friend jeremy and I went to meet Harper up at twisted. Since we were already there I just went ahead and got my lip pierced.

I'd been playin around w/ the idea, but never got it done cuz I'm either poor or not poor, but already spent all my fuckin money. :/

But not this time!


That is all!