Friday, April 20, 2012

Lake photoshoot

herro! so im pretty sure that anybody who is my friend on facebook or follows my sadly inactive tumblr has seen these photos, but if not, then you are in for a treat!

a few weeks ago or so i did a photoshoot with my friend chrissy and her friend kris. i kind of wish we had been better prepared, but they came out nice (at least in my opinion). but because C&K werent happy with their pictures, i will not be posting pics with them in the shot. :\

and yes, i am in hooker heels and yes the dock was moving as i was sitting on it, and it was freezing.

We're probably going to redo this shoot in may with a different photographer, just to see his work. i personally have no issue with how my photos turned out.

also, i did not shop anything in these pictures.

credits: Voodoo Angel Designs

Let it begin!