Saturday, March 31, 2012

☆Kay WowWs back☆


how you guys been?

Obviously, as stated by my last post, I was going through a LOT of emotional stuff with the death of my Aunt and one of my best friends within four days of each other. February just wasnt my month. 

But , im ok now! ive grieved, and now im ready to get back in the game.

lets see, what all has happened...meh, honestly not much lol. Chris got a new job as the head chef (CHEF, NOT COOK) of a new restaurant. so hes in Annapolis Maryland for 5 weeks. 

im finally making money again at work since the dreaded dead season is FINALLY over!!! im also working 6 days a week >.>  i can deal with having no social life if it means i have money. I can shop on my phone at work!

tyra and my aunts hat.
i got my lace-front. her names tyra. I have super bond glue that lasts for about 6 weeks if taken care of properly, however, i cant keep my hair one way for long, so ive just been wearing her like a regular wig until i order wig tape. Also got the Vassen(?) "bambi" lense in violet; probably gonna get another pair in green or pink for spring/summer.
I got a baby pink wig too, but after being called nicki for a week straight, i had to change that bitch up. soooo i put in purple streaks and named her "Sweetie Belle". and yes, that is a MLP:FiM reference. 
and i gave myself a Brazilian Keratin smoothing treatment. but i'll talk more about that when i review it.  and until then, im gonna talk about ponys.

dont like ponys? too fuckin bad bro.

this is sweetie bell:

shes adorable.
shes Raritys little sister.
Sweetie Bell is as dumb as a rock.
shes still adorable.

Rarity is my spirit animal.

Im getting a Rarity tattoo for my birthday.


im getting raritys cutie mark on my flanks!

i r excite.

but anywho, i must go, for i have to wake up at 8am to be at work.

march madness is driving me crazy.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goin on hiatus

Hi guys, sorry for not blogging, this week has just been super sad and emotionally draining for me.

My aunt died Saturday and after her funeral on Wednesday I found out that one of my best friends that I've known for 5+ years died that morning.


Thankfully I've got supportive friends and family along with an amazing boyfriend to help me get through all of this.

So I'll be back to blogging after a short hiatus to grieve and heal.