Monday, December 17, 2012

out of the cocoon

hello guys!

I havnt posted in few months, but i have good reason!
I fell out of the loop to re-invent myself and my style.

so prepare for that in 2013.


Its almost christmas!!! HORRAY!

This is gonna be my first christmas away from home!
Im gonna be in the Cleveland Ohio area for a few days with the boyfriend and his family!

Also, ordering phones tonight! nothing fancy~ just iPhone4s', Sprints got pre-owned ones for $50, so Chris and I are each getting one. both white, since theyre out of black ones. and otterboxes. I will happily spend $40 to keep Bloody Mary from befalling the same fate as Henry VIII... lol~ see what i did there?

But yes, so check back in 2013 ya'll!

have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a  Happy New Year <3

Saturday, October 13, 2012

self love

“Everyone’s calling me a freak, so, like, if they have to look at me and be rude, I’ll look at myself and be nice.”

“A lot of us are really self-absorbed; we’re more into, like, ourselves.”

“Self love’s the only love, the first and the last!”

-Richie Rich

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Quest for Ringzilla

hello hello!

long time no blog~

life you know.

this entry is pretty random (its about rings)~ so i'll give you a little backstory/factual nonsense abt me:

  • I like nice things
  • I want to get married.
  • I will hopefully be married soon.
  • I dont want a wedding
  • Wedding planning would kill me
  • I would become a bridezilla
  • Weddings are stressfull
  • Weddings (at least MY wedding) cost more than im willing to spend
  • I refuse to rent a dress or buy one that will be worn once
  • I'd rather spend that money on the honeymoon and my ring
  • This is my dream wedding ring:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maybelline Dream FreshBB review

So i posted a video review of the maybelline BB cream (in dark obviously)

tell me how you feel about it!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Anti-Aging Skin care routine

[this is not an advert. I was not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All of these products were bought with my own money. also, this is MY new skin care routine, what works for me may not work for you.I am not responsible if you get breakouts, don't like these products or if your face falls off.]
Hello Butterflys (yes I call my followers Butterflys)
You may recall from this post that i started using a new skincare routine. And my skin has improved soooo much! Its clearer and brighter and that makes me happy!
I've noticed a few fine lines around my eyes and my mouth that don't make me happy :( but then again I am (almost) in my mid 20's which is truthfully when skin starts to age. nothing TOO serious, but your skin usually starts loosing its elasticity, ability to produce collagen and your skin cell turnover rate slows down resulting in duller, less radiant skin.
I'm sorry but I aint got time for that!
I plan on being a MILF and then a GILF (grandma id like to fuck).... JUST SAYIN!!

 (and yeah, I am 100% aware that I should stop smoking if I dont want wrinkles.
quiting is hard.
So, recently I changed my skin care from anti-acne to anti-aging!
and these are the products I now use:

I love this cleanser! it comes out super creamy and then after you wet it it becomes the most wonderful, rich lather. omg I love it. it has a really nice smell that's not too strong or overpowering. and after I rinse it off my face isn't tight or anything.

After using it for a few weeks, my skin had become smoother and is still as radiant as it was when I was using the Burt's Bees.

this shit is BANANAS!

next up is my eye cream/gel:

Super amazing~ the Day cream is the white side. it has SPF 25!! and the Night gel is...a gel lol! its green! I've also been using this for about a week and my eyes are less puffy in the morning and my little baby crows feet are gone! the night gel is my favorite because the texture is super creamy (but not heavy) and once you rub it in (use your pinky or ring finger to rub it in, they have the lightest pressure ;) )


Next in line is my Night cream
This stuff is HARD.CORE.

Its meant to combat advanced signs of aging which I don't have yet, but I'd rather treat it early.

this is how Avons anti-aging products work,they have 4 different lines of skin care depending on your age and/or your visible signs of aging:

I really could get away with using only the Anew Rejuvenate series, but I received this ULTIMATE NIGHT CREAM from my lovely great grandmother (who's in her 80s, and just started using this even though i told her the only way to get rid of her wrinkles would be to get a face lift, and then i said but you're not getting a face lift cuz you look fine). anyway she gave it to me because she said she didn't like it/ "it doesn't work"

WELL~ it DOES work! and quite well, just not for somebody in her mid-80s.

The picture is a little misleading because its not really a cream. its more like....hmmm im not sure of how describe the texture/ consistency. its more like hair dress.

its kind of silicone-y in texture, but it glides on so smooth and absorbs into my skin so quickly and leaves my face feeling almost balmy(?), but in a good way!
for my "extras" as I call them.
these items are things I use on an "as needed" basis.
AMBI® Fade Cream for Normal Skin
95% of the time right before my uterus starts actin a fool like it runs this shit, I usually get a small breakout. No biggie!
EXCEPT for when I get THAT ONE FUCKIN PIMPLE that is HUGE and under the skin.
(that bastard zit)
The spa  (link here) I go to where I get waxed and the occasional facial  is super amazing and when I feel one coming on, I go in  and get a "zit zap" to keep the vile beast from becoming cystic.
(the zit zap is free with any facial)
However, after the zit understands that I will not put up with its bullshit, it has the last laugh and leaves me with hyperpigmentation aka a fuckin dark spot.
that motherfucker.
So, i use Ambi fade cream.
it has a pretty weird smell,but it works!
I apply a thin layer over the spot 2-3 times a day and in about 2 weeks the spot is gone!
Its also good to use if you have tar baby elbows and knees like I do lol
yeah....I said TAR BABY
lol,  but really, dont get your panties in a twist.
my blog, my rules.
Carrying on, my final "extra", is also a pretty beastly product meant for women in maybe their 40's
yeah, the big guns.
I mainly use this on days where I have to look photoshopped IRL,which isnt often now lol.
But this when used in conjunction with my Avon products , makes me look GREAT.
I use this for the lines around my mouth and around my lips.
Since I smoke, the elasticity around my mouth has a greater chance of getting weaker faster, so I use this to plump my face up! FUCK YOU WRINKLES!
since it does have retinols in it, you HAVE to wear sunscreen with it or risk a SUPER NASTY SUNBURN.
My day moisturizer is still Burts Bees
and even though my cleanser has exfoliants infused in it, I still do a very thorough exfoliation about three times a week, because I'm really OCD about my skin texture.
most favorite exfoliator EVER.
I can not live without this in my life.
So yeah! this is my anti-aging skin care routine now!
I'll be doing another post on anti-aging skincare soon!
What do you guys to to stay young and fresh?
ya know, besides be young.
ta-ta my Butterflys

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

coming up!

hey guys! so ive been totally mia through 2012. sorry lol, it was just a poopy year.

BUT 2013 will be my year!

im planning on getting a 2nd job sometime soon, so i shall have more income to pay bill and shop

but mostly pay off my mountain of debt

also 2013 will be my one year anniversary with Christoper!

yay us!!

after 2 years he said he would marry me :3

we got this!!!

also,im finally feeling super motivated and positive!

so i may do a few videos in the next couple of weeks!

i may do a skin care video, my eyebrow tutorial and i HAVE to redo my "catching up with kaywoww" video, since the mic on chris' laptop wasnt working when we filmed to 1st one lol.

lol look at this hot mess~

i also plan on reding my blog like 100%

i usually do it all myself, but since i had to wipe my computer, i lost a lot of my GIMP brushes.

also im not really sure how i want to do it.

maybe ill spend a little bit of money and have a custom layout made!

anybody have any suggestions for a good blog/graphic designer that's pretty cheap? I don't wanna spend more than $35 on my silly little blog lol

Help a gal out!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

let it all out

hey guys!

So i am totally over EVERYTHING.
no joke, i fuckin hate everything~

i dont know why i have so much rage. maybe i should get some therapy.

so heres whats been goin on since febuary

  • ended a 10+ year friendship over something that couldve been worked out easily had there had been communication
  • my dog max started having moderate seizures 
  • found out max has a slew of problems due to age and breed:
    • enlarged heart
    • lung infection
    • fluid in the lungs
    • fluid in the abdominal cavity
    • leaky lower heart valve
    • whipworms
idunno how the fuck he got worm, but yeah...basically my 13yo chow/Shepard mix has

Congestive Heart Failure

The seizures were due to the fact that he wasnt getting enough oxygen to the brain. and the fluid in his lungs and abdominal cavities was due to his leaky valve. and hes become anemic due to the worms.

 Luckily! he has a very good vet, who flew in a specialist (i know right a dog heart specialist dafuq?!~i aint mad tho) to treat my dog. So he is on a slew of medicine to fight off the infection(s), a dewormer to get his red blood cell count back up and a VERY expensive heart medicine to constrict the leaky valve and hopefully get upto 20% of that blood that wasnt pumping, back into his body where he needs it.

So hopefully my dog is gonna be ok. His eyes are still bright, his tails still wagging and he still follows me around like my shadow, so as long as his quality of life is still good, i refuse to give up on my dog.

and as for the ending of the friendship, it really couldve been avoided with proper communication.

The past year or so we've both been busy, so we never got to hang out, all of our communication was via social media, texts or phone calls. from last fall to the beginning of this summer or so we hadnt been talking as much...actually not at all. I had tried calling and texting her only to receive no response. I wasnt too happy about this obviously but i let it go thinkin maybe she was just busy with school or work or just life in general.

 early may, i receive a message on facebook from my friend saying that she had something to tell me and that she didnt know exact;y how to say it and that she hoped i wouldnt be mad.

and she proceeds to tell me that she thinks that i have a drug addiction and an alcohol problem on top of that.

Allow me to elaborate:

I work at a bar, of course i drink. I used to drink QUITE a bit, not BLACKOUT EVERY NIGHT or anything,  but yes i was inebriated by the time i got home maybe 4-5 nights a week (also, i dont drive so dont think i was drinking and driving :p) and on a few occasions yes i did get blackout drunk. however, i always got myself home safe and was never a danger to myself or others.

and as for my drug consumption, i take adderall and xanax..not at the same time obviously, and i took at most 5 adderall and 6 xanax a month. i also do other drugs but nothing like meth or bath salts.

Man, drug addicts these days are LAME~

clearly i am not an addict.

but anywho~ the point is that she hadnt been in my life enough to really know what was going on; like i said i DID drink a lot, but after puking in my wig, i pretty much stopped drinkin. Fuck i dont even stick  around work long enough after i clock out to get my shift drink.

and the A&X, well it was derby week. and Derby week in the top-grossing bar in louisville~ 


from May 1st to May 6th i worked 70 hours.

i shit you not. There was no way in hell that i was gonna be able to function at 100% without energy and sleep.

True Story.

Now, had I been poppin 6 bars a day and chased them with Patron & XXXXX was around to see this, I wouldve COMPLETELY respected her telling me that i have a problem. 100%.

But when you havnt made ANY effort to contact or talk to me in MONTHS and then decide to just roll up in and start flinging accusations at me with minimal or no proof, im sorry~ no. that shit dont fly.

blah blah blah~ She asked me to try and cut back on my drinking and drug usage. i told her the drinkings not a problem,  but with my schedule being as rough as it was its probably not gonna happen that next few weeks. But, i could easily cut down and/or quit once derby was over.  And i did, I havnt taken a xanax or adderall since then. She decided that we should "take a break" for 2 months but keep in touch.

Ok cool! im down for that! so its all good....for a few weeks.

When i hear (ok lah, READ) we'll take a break but "keep in touch", I assume that we will still be in contact during this break, nothing huge~ just a few hey how are yous, how was your day and things of that nature. Correct? Well i must have been wrong because for about 3 weeks i tried to contact my friend-keep in touch-as it were, only to not have my phone calls answered and my text messages ignored.

did i fuckin miss something???

So then we text argue and i just say look~ you just need to tell me if you want to continue to try and be friends or not, so that i can either keep trying or walk away.

It was pretty clear that nothing as of now could be done, so i told her to walk away.

If she cant believe that im  not an addict, then i cant have her as a friend. 

It sucks and im not happy about it, but thats life. And if she ever wants to try this again she has my number.

so yeah. 

lotta shit eh?


but yeah thats about it. 

And after venting i feel a lil bit better. so if i seem distant or whatnot, you now have reasons why. 

Truthfully, im not a bad person, im not mean or angry, or an addict.

Im just, too caring, too nice and too stubborn.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

herp derp

O hai. So, yeah.

My brogs not dead, nor am I lol.
Don't fret!
I'm just forever busy.

But I'm gonna do a review tonight and try to blog more on my off days!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Sponsor

i'd like to thank my newest sponsor chanti eyelash for the AMAZING lashes that i'll be reviewing tomorrow!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lake photoshoot

herro! so im pretty sure that anybody who is my friend on facebook or follows my sadly inactive tumblr has seen these photos, but if not, then you are in for a treat!

a few weeks ago or so i did a photoshoot with my friend chrissy and her friend kris. i kind of wish we had been better prepared, but they came out nice (at least in my opinion). but because C&K werent happy with their pictures, i will not be posting pics with them in the shot. :\

and yes, i am in hooker heels and yes the dock was moving as i was sitting on it, and it was freezing.

We're probably going to redo this shoot in may with a different photographer, just to see his work. i personally have no issue with how my photos turned out.

also, i did not shop anything in these pictures.

credits: Voodoo Angel Designs

Let it begin!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

☆Kay WowWs back☆


how you guys been?

Obviously, as stated by my last post, I was going through a LOT of emotional stuff with the death of my Aunt and one of my best friends within four days of each other. February just wasnt my month. 

But , im ok now! ive grieved, and now im ready to get back in the game.

lets see, what all has happened...meh, honestly not much lol. Chris got a new job as the head chef (CHEF, NOT COOK) of a new restaurant. so hes in Annapolis Maryland for 5 weeks. 

im finally making money again at work since the dreaded dead season is FINALLY over!!! im also working 6 days a week >.>  i can deal with having no social life if it means i have money. I can shop on my phone at work!

tyra and my aunts hat.
i got my lace-front. her names tyra. I have super bond glue that lasts for about 6 weeks if taken care of properly, however, i cant keep my hair one way for long, so ive just been wearing her like a regular wig until i order wig tape. Also got the Vassen(?) "bambi" lense in violet; probably gonna get another pair in green or pink for spring/summer.
I got a baby pink wig too, but after being called nicki for a week straight, i had to change that bitch up. soooo i put in purple streaks and named her "Sweetie Belle". and yes, that is a MLP:FiM reference. 
and i gave myself a Brazilian Keratin smoothing treatment. but i'll talk more about that when i review it.  and until then, im gonna talk about ponys.

dont like ponys? too fuckin bad bro.

this is sweetie bell:

shes adorable.
shes Raritys little sister.
Sweetie Bell is as dumb as a rock.
shes still adorable.

Rarity is my spirit animal.

Im getting a Rarity tattoo for my birthday.


im getting raritys cutie mark on my flanks!

i r excite.

but anywho, i must go, for i have to wake up at 8am to be at work.

march madness is driving me crazy.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goin on hiatus

Hi guys, sorry for not blogging, this week has just been super sad and emotionally draining for me.

My aunt died Saturday and after her funeral on Wednesday I found out that one of my best friends that I've known for 5+ years died that morning.


Thankfully I've got supportive friends and family along with an amazing boyfriend to help me get through all of this.

So I'll be back to blogging after a short hiatus to grieve and heal.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

wah wah wah blah blah blah

herro. i havnt blogged in almost 3 weeks, wow.

not that its a big deal, its not like i post anything of severe importance lol

Im at work w/ chris, he's cooking every dish off of a new menu for plating and demo purposes.


i want food!!!!!

also- random thoughts on gyaru:

Im really over it.

im over people being stuck up other ppls ass
im over ppl saying this persons more gal than that person
im tired of "the rules"
im tired of the drama
im tired of the fakeness

I'm not goin to be quitting the style or anything, i just really dont give a fuck anymore.

lol not that it matters;

"im not gal anyway"

(well according to G_S)

ya know what--maybe im not.

i was punk before i was gal, and punk is still in my soul.

soooooo yeah.

im done.


Friday, February 3, 2012

random post in the kitchen "office"

hello hello! so i had a Friday (today) off from work!!


today was quite productive for me actually:

i washed like 2 weeks worth of laundry, cleaned the bathroom,the kitchen swept down the basement steps, cooked, fed, watered and played with the dog ALL BEFORE NOON!


but since i didnt want to spend my off day stuck in the house smoking cigarettes and drinking martinis (hey, Im legal and i can do as i please!) i hung out with my friend Shannon and her husband Deon.

And where do u think we ended up?


yup, I always end up at work.

But i had good reason to:

Happy Hour from 4-8 (half price calls, well, drafts and wines, PLUS i drink for $2 since im an employee)

and my main reason:

Chris wanted to see me


lol so from 4-6 we drank and did just random trivia w/ m y friend Taji who works down the street at The Pub, and chris came out and did some trivia with us and met Shannon.

She says hes a keeper :) that makes me happy.

But anyway, Shannon had plans at 8, so she left.

But i stayed to hang with chris and we have a date planned for after he get off work in like an hour or so.

Im chillin in  the Kitchen office at work (hes Head Chef/Kitchen Manager) on his laptop, pissing out this blog.


he just opened the door and said "I came in here for something..o yeah, thats right." Kisses me and then ran back onto the line.


o yeah my outfits really cute too!

I'll have Chris take a pic later and edit this post.

but ok, guys, thats all for right now i think...


My birthdays the 10th!!

hittin the BIG 2-3!!

woot woot!!!

lol ok bye!

Friday, January 27, 2012

How not to be "That Girl"

So I'm at work with Dakota smoking cigs, shootin the shit and drinkin a faux martini- I'm on the clock- (I'll put the recipe at the end of the post) and people watching. Working on 4th street, I see a LOT of people (mostly chicks) who I can't help but talk shit about. Its just little things that irritate the FUCK out of me. And I'm goin to make a list lol.

1) Girls who can't walk in heels- baby, if you can't walk in a 4inch heel, don't wear em!!! Get a lower heel, or take your heels off for a bit! I can't stand seeing girls walkin around like lame horses. I will put you out of your misery.

2) Girls that wear clothes a size too small- ok look, when you wear clothes that are too small, you just look like a sausage. Sausages aren't sexy. Wearing a small top when you are in fact a large will NOT push you're tits up or out- you just push them in and give yourself uni-boob. Also, its just not cute.
And don't fuckin wear shit from the kids section if you're a grown ass woman; the shirts are made for 6 year olds, not a size 6 woman.

3)Girls who pile on the makeup- ok lah, confirm I REALLY can't say too much on this because I wear a lot of makeup too. BUT here's the main difference- I don't pile it on 136585 layers deep. I don't look like an acne riddled clown. That really bugs me, I hate seeing chicks with bad skin who pile on the foundation. Baby- get some tinted moisturizer and skin care. BOOM.

4) BAD extensions/weaves/wigs.- Another thing that I can't say much on lol. But really, my wigs aren't bad, they're just synthetic, I'm poor lol and I'll get a human lace front eventually. But anyway, I should not be able to count your shrinkies/micro rings/fusion glue beads/rubber bands/ weave thread/ tracks when I'm walking behind you. JUST SAYIN. NOR should I be able to tell that your "everyday" wig is from the halloween store. I guarantee you that you can find a decent wig on ebay or in the wig shops. If I can, you can too.

5) Cellulite and short dresses - ok boo boo, I get that you wanna be cute and all, but I also know that you spent an hour in the mirror checkin yourself out. And I know you saw those waves and ripples on your ass and thighs. With that being said-- COVER THAT SHIT UP!!! DON'T NOBODY WANNA SEE YOUR ASS AND THIGH OCEAN!!! FUCK!! Buy a dress that's 2 inches longer! I have cellulite too! But you won't see me flauntin it when I'm dancin on a speaker!!

And that's about it for right now. I'm pretty sure I'll add more lol. I hate a lot of things.

Kaywowws faux-tini

*4 oz cranberry juice
*1 shot lime juice
*1 shot of soda or tonic water - I use soda
*2 olives (optional)
*1 lime slice for garnish

Mix all liquids in a martini glass, garnish w/ olives and lime

Order a sullys special. Enjoy

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back on board

So I've been away for a while, my bad!!! I'm just super busy.

What's been goin on in my life you ask? Well my friends it's quite simple:

I work 40 hours a week lol and ive got a boyfriend!!!!! \(^o^)/
Fuckin finally!!!!

But that's really nothing important lol, well not to you guys at least.

Also I'm blonde again. It's been a while since I've had an "unnatural" hair color, so I had to change that. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

O yeah! I'm blogging from my iPhone! It's really nothing special or fancy lah, the blogger app won't let me sign in half the time (♯`∧´) but I do love my deco apps lol

Also, chris makes me happy

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Opposum Drama Trauma

This has to be the silliest, dumbest, girliest blog post

So my dog killed a opposum yesterday. no biggie, happens all the time.

My dad disposed of said marsupial but putting it in  a bag and putting the bag in a box and putting the box in the trash.

ok cool. 

So im getting the trash together to take out. And when i got to put the trash in the trashcan, all i see is this fuckin tail WRAPPED AROUND THE TRASHCAN HANDLE

So i drop the trashbag, squeal and run back into the house.

I text my dad that I'm not takin out the blue trash can.

He comes out of his room and is like what?


he starts laughin and goes outside to put the deceased fully in the trash can.

ok. all is good.


I took out the other trashcan 1st cuz it was heavier and then came back for the coffincan.

WELL, i wasnt aware that one of the wheels has fallen off. So as im getting it off the platform, THIS FUCKER FALLS OVER

FUCK i take out the trash and come back for the box.

I am not touching this box directly. fuck that. no.

i dont do dead animals. they scare me to death.

So i get a shovel!

yeah, it took me five mins to  get the fuckin box on the shovel.

and then i had to carry its carcass all the way to the fuckin trashcan.


so i toss it into the trash
 and run back into the house screaming.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello 2012


so its a new year! 

2011 flew by for me!

But it wasnt a bad year:

*hit 100 blog followers
*got 50,000 views
*found an iphone
*found a potential boyfriend (a few actually, but only 1 i've decided that i really want to be with)

so yes, all in all not bad.

Soooo about this guyyyy i cant say too much because i TECHNICALLY shouldnt be with him because he works with me and is one of my like 9 bosses; oh to be so low on the ladder when i could do EVERYBODYS job the RIGHT WAY. -___-

but anyway,i will say that his names chris, hes 29, has a chinstrap (ULTRA PLUS) and is a great kisser. 

that is all.

o! yes and new years party!

i ended up going to a party with my friend chrissy. My other friends went on some couples date. sorry for being single : /

but whatever~ the party was fun!

I had to throw together an outfit and makeup cuz it wasnt super last minute, but i was in a xanax coma from like 10pm friday to like 730pm sunday. 

also i was alone at midnight cuz chris was at work. so midnight kiss for me. #foreveralone

on to the pictures!