Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So the condom broke...

Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex
'cause you don't want that late text,
that "I think I'm late" text.

-lil wayne.

Truer words were never spoken.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall Winter 2011 Style

so its getting colder now which means its time for me to start planning my fall/winter wardrobe.

Which also means i need to get rid of a bunch of other clothes to make room in my closet and put money in my pocket.

But anyway, I looked at the Fall?winter gyaru trends and Im not impressed.

So I think Im gonna stay in my Rock/Agejo mode, but I'm gonna transition it to winter.

So for fall Im thinkin:

* dark washed, destroyed skinny jeans and shorts
*plaid button ups in darks and jewel tones
*graphic glitter tees (ED HARDY & AFFLICTION here comes MAMA!!)
*over the knee socks
*short skirts w/ cute tights and legwarmers
*Thigh high boots

something like dis:

FALL 2011
o winter...how i loathe thee yet after a  miserable summer, you shall bring a welcome chill.

Anybody else already planning for  fall/winter?

☆ KKCenterHK ES A188 lower lashes [sponsor post] ☆

My wonderful sponsor  KKCenterHK was kind enough to send me 10 pairs of lower lashes!!


i was sent  10 pairs of ES A188 lower lashes.


The shipping was super fast! i got them maybe 2 weeks after they sent them out. they arrived to me wrapped in bubble wrap in a regular brown envelope.

One lash was a little damaged, but not so much that the lash couldnt be salvaged.

Theyre a little too long to wear if you like to put your lashes close to the inner corner of your eye, but that can be fixed but simply cut one or two tufts from either side.


the length wasnt a problem for me since i wear my lashes WAY outside of my natural lashline!

like dis

These lashes are meant to stand out and you'll have to wear makeup with them or risk looking like an alien. a little liner and mascara is really all you need with these, how heavy you go makeup wise is all up to you =]

one of my lighter makeup days

also wearing kkcenterhk lashes [FE166] on top.

fast shipping

a bit delicate
may have to be trimmed to liking

But either way, I still have 8 pairs of these babys and I'll probably order more soon! theses are so great for gyaru meiku! Agejo, Rokku,Onee even HIME could find these lashes useful!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

it lives!!!


im not dead lol.

ive just been busy with life.

but im back now!!

so whats been goin on with me..

* working

the usual

o! there was a REALLY bad storm here last weekend, the winds were like 75 mph!

lotta trees were uprooted and/or knocked over

i actually lost power!

so i crashed at a friends saturday then helped a different friend move on sunday.

when i came home sunday to change before leaving to help said friend move, our power was back on, but when i got home, our cable, internet, and house phones (yeah still got house phones yo!) were all dead. 

i thought it may have been the modem or the router, i turned everything off and back on, but that was no help.

so yeah...no internets, phone or tv.

that shit wasnt fixed till freakin tuesday.


so have you heard of the online gal magazine Tokyo Catwalk?

since blogger wont let me make the pic a link.

well, i was approached to become a staff member!!

guess whos writing the Sex column?



ALSO! I see that i have 90 followers now!

took long enough geezzzzz



i appreciate and love all of you!

thank you guys!