Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Challenge--Day 3


 A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

there's lots, but 1 in particular:


(I smoke Marlboro Smooths)

they taste like Andes Mints! no joke!

its not sexy, nor is it glamorous!

even though some of my favorite actress' from the 20-60s smoked:

Marilyn Monroe 

Marlene Dietrich

Mae West

Joan Crawford

god i love Joan Crawford!

anywho~ smoking is BAD FOR YOU! its fucks up your entire body!!! 

  • your teeth turn yellow
  • your breath stinks
  • it yellows your nails
  • its bad for your lungs, mouth and throat
  • and it can fuck up your baby makin parts!
  • also it makes you stink!!
and dip is no better! John dips and it makes me wanna vomit! plus you have to carry that fuckin water bottle full of your nasty brown spit!
thats a GALLON jar almost full of DIP SPIT

dont get me wrong!! My lungs are prolly pretty gross too-- but nobody has to SEE my nasty lungs!

im pretty sure mine arent THAT bad, but still

also-- its not secret that smoking causes cancer-- but have you seen the shit dip does to your mouth???

I tell john that I can get a new lung or survive with just one, but whats gonna happen when they have to cut his fuckin jaw off???


SEE!!!!!! BAD BAD BAD!!!!

so yeah, just dont do it!!

also you can read this guys blog here

also-- smoking is fuckin expensive!!!

think about it-- say yo smoke a pack a day- $5

$5 a day x 365 days in a year= $1825.00 a year, on something that is basically killing yourself.

now lets say you've smoked since you were 16 and are now 60

$1825.00 a year x 44 years= $80,300.00


that's a goddamned 2011 MERCEDES CLfuckinS

with money LEFT OVER

so yeah. stop smokin and buy a Mercedes. 


EDIT!! after writing this blog, a) Im done smoking after these last 2 packs-- and b) i made this CLS class to my liking and heres the final cost:

I have $3

  • Base MSRP:$74,000
  • Additional Costs:$4,128
  • Gas Guzzler Tax:$1,300
  • Transportation Charge:$875
  • Total Price:$80,303   

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