Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So Xiaxue doesn't own the juicy couture pen

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My daily makeup routine

Hey everybody! I decided to do a tutorial on my daily makeup routine!

Just a warning~ I use a lot of makeup lol. All of my products can be purchased at Sephora & MAC, except for my eyeshadow base (which I got from cherry culture) and my bottom lashes which I made from an old pair of top lashes.

My products
Product list

  • Make Up Forever HD Primer
  • Bare Minerals Matte in Golden Dark
  • Philosophy airbrushed color correctors in Dark
  • NARS eyeshadow in Galapagos
  • MAC eyeshadow in honeylust
  • NARS blush in Orgasm
  • NARS blush in Taos
  • MAC special reserve highlight powder in Chez Chez Lame
  • NYX eyeshadow base in skin tone
  • Tokidoki perfetto Eyeliner in Sabochan (black)
  • Benefit Bad Gal lash
  • Benefit Bad Gal waterproof pencil liner
  • Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Creme liner
  • Anastasia Brow Wiz in brunette
  • Anastasia tinted brow gel in Caramel
  • Benefit high beam highlighter
  • Fiberwig Mascara
  • NARS lip gloss in Orgasm
  • Stila Lip glaze in Apricot
  • MAC no. 7 lash
  • Duo lash glue in dark tone
yeah..that's a lot of makeup... BUT lets begin!

start out with a clean moisturized face and put on lip balm!

hello average looking girl

pop in your circle lense (if you wear them)

Burn Pinks

Next is face primer to smooth out your skin


After face primer, prime your eyes. I prime my eyebrows too, since I draw on half of them

Then concealer under your eyes


Next is eyeshadow! I put the darker shade on first, but you can do it however you want =]

NARS galapagos

I put Galapagos up to the crease ,then i put MACS honey lust up to my brow bone


next is eyeliner!

i use liquid and creme liner on top and pencil on the bottom

First is tokidoki liquid liner, then Ink for eyes over the liquid 

don't worry if its a little off, your eyelashes will cover it lol

after liner is eyebrows!

I shaved off the ends of my brows and i draw them on. I'm currently in the process of growing my brows back out, so please don't mind my stubble.

fill them in obviously lol

then mascara on top

After mascara I  put on my foundation

BLUSH is next!

I use 2 shade of blush~ one for the apples of my cheeks and one for the hollows to contour

taos & orgasm 

orgasm goes on the apples of my cheeks and fades up to my temples

Then i make fish face and put Taos in the hollows of my cheeks

then i highlight my cheek with MACS highlighting powder

This powders limited edition, but Bare Minerals Radiance in Pure Radiance is an amazing substitute 

highlight powder goes on the tops of my cheekbones

then contour your nose with any brown eyeshadow and blend away any harsh lines

then use the high beam to highlight the bridge of your nose

then i put fiberwig on my inner bottom lashes. Only the inner lashes because I wear bottom lashes only on the outside corners

then bottom and top lashes

bottoms and tops

take your liquid liner and go back over your top lash line to cover any glue and the lash band

and the final step is finishing powder!

Make up Forever HD powder is awesome! but if you're not willing to drop $30 on it, Bare Minerals Mineral Veil is good too =]

o wait... lip gloss lol


i use nars lip gloss in orgasm with stila lip glaze in apricot on top

heyyyyyy sexy lips


Sunday, January 9, 2011

So much Juicy

hey everybody! sorry, for not blogging since NYE, I've been busy and had nothing to blog about lol

but that changed! i went shopping a few days ago so ima blog about my purchases!

sadly we dont have a stand alone Juicy Couture store here, but we do have a Macys in the mall in "The Rich Side of Town" that sells Juicy, along with having the only MAC counter in Louisville, and a stand alone Sephora! YAY for "The Rich Side of Town"!!

but anyway, onto the stuff i bought!

I bought this Steve Madden Bag from Macys. I named it Miss Richie lol
I really like it, because I think its pretty Rock-inspired and will totally work w/ my Rock-kei gyaru style =D
It's also quite large, but not so big that its an eye sore. But it fits all of my stuff in it and the insides PINK!

on to the JUICY!

I've wanted the Juicy Butterfly Daydreamer since it came out, but i have an issue with buying purses online (even if it is a brand i know and trust) I need to be able to touch it and "try it on" and such. (plus theres no crazy shipping fee when you buy from a store!)

So Miranda, Chrissy and I went to Macys and went straight to the juicy section....well actually, i wanted to run by the MAC counter and get some #7s, but Chrissy wouldn't let me =\ . ANYWHO! So once in the juicy section, I was originally going to get the Bling Scotty Daydreamer, but they only had it in "top hat" coloring and  I had wanted it in black. so upon further investigation of the Juicy section I saw my Daydreamer.

It was love at first sight


They also had the pink version, but I usually don't buy lighter colored purses because they show dirt faster, and its pretty hard to clean velour without ruining it.

I also got the matching wallet. I love when my purses and wallets match =3

So after M & I bought our bags and wallets we headed over to the jewelry counter. I've wanted a juicy charm necklace ever since I discovered juicy like a year or so ago (thanks Xiaxue!) They had so many color to choose from! Yellow gold, Silver, Gunmetal, Rose Gold, that weird rainbow graduation thing; and they also had the regular hearts and the pave hearts.

I was originally was gonna get a silver pave one, but I decided on the gunmetal pave one since it was 'edgier' ;3

As we were taking our stuff up to the counter to pay, we see these lotus rings in the display case. We try them on and are like...yeah, can we get these too? We also got these really cute cocktail rings and some Betsey Johnson earrings. Shopping addicts.

Then we went upstairs to help miranda pick out an outfit and as we were on the way back down the escalator, out of the corner of my eye, i see a table marked 25% off and pink and brown boxes; that can only mean one thing:

so I tell miranda to run down the escalator and make a sharp left. so we run down and head to the juicy 25% off table. The stuff there's not super amazing stuff, a lot of stuff from like 2 seasons ago. but juicy is juicy!

We did end up buying bracelets though! 

and then we left the mall for that day.

The shopping high was immense.

The next day I hung out w/ my friend jeremy! we went to get food at this little asian place on Bardstown rd called Le Que. I got a saporro and green tea. and the waitress  got me a water while i waited. 


We both got the lunch combos and saved ourself a lot of money lol. I got the sweet and sour shrimp. very good. We also got some dumplings...I love dumplings! and egg drop soup. 



after nearly going into a food coma, we went to the Great Escape. I just kinda putzed around in the DVD section for a while when I saw the Anna Nicole Show! 

I used to love that show so much! So i totally jumped at the opportunity to buy if for $5!

so in the car on the way home i just kept repeating (yelling actually)


haha good times.

Ps. I went back to the mall the next day and got my MAC #7 lashes =3