Saturday, November 6, 2010

My dream car

its no secret that I like nice things.

so it should be no secret that my dream car is a Big Bourgeois Beast

a Mercedes G-class.

They used to be used in the Army

see! army mercedes!

but yeah~ I would love to own one of these babies. they START at $105,750.00
which basically means that Ima be doin a whole lotta hair,nails,makeup and eyelash extensions. 
But it would SOOOOO be worth it.

also Nicole Richie owns one =] 

So, i went to the Mercedes website and built my own G-class to MY liking

cuz im Bourgeois.


    Exterior:Arctic White$0
    Trim:Burl Walnut Wood Trim$0


    white on white!

    final cost:


    so...once i get outta school, anybody want they hair did?

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