Sunday, February 20, 2011

GAL CODE ! ☆ DIAMOND ☆ @ NTV -- Sekai No Kuchikomi ☆☆

So My 2nd Fav Gal sa DIAMOND were asked to appear on NTV (nippon television) for a 1 hour reality special! 

also, I totally stole this from Val ~ who is totally one of my biggest Gal inspirations 

Make sure you check out DIAMONDS website! These Gals are truly an inspiration

GAL CODE ! ☆ DIAMOND ☆ @ NTV -- Sekai No Kuchikomi ☆☆

☆ diamond☆ gyaru-sa featured on
our storyline for the show basically highlights our GAL CODE as a gyaru-sa.
I screencapped it for those unable to view <3 The only quality to be found; thank MIE for finding it .

video @

We are going to introduce to you an interesting rumor from a gal group in California.
...In the area of Los Angeles appears to be…
Hello, I am the leader of this group Krystina!
California Gal, Galfornia
Inspired by Japanese Gal Culture = Galfornia (Californian Gal)

[ Michi & I were the leaders for the show XD ]

note. Michi's room is like a gyaru kirakira museum.]

First, the gal’s introduced them to their club room (when you see them from behind they look Japanese) “This is our club room we call it ‘Shibuya’. (HAHAHAHA)
1) They call their club room Shibuya. 2) Gal Goods are purchased at Little Tokyo (Japanese Doll!?) 3) They consider koakuma and pop sisters their bible. We buy it at Little Tokyo and study Japanese Gal from the magazines.

[ tricia violates our gal code. her hair is not big enough ]

Suddenly, (e~!) “Tricia we are Tsubasa for life, do you understand the importance of this? Your hair is not sticking out?! Please fix it right now! (scary) 5) Hair should always be sticking out moru (look poofy). We have to be always fashionable or we would not be considered as galfornia. What do you think, doesn’t it look good huh? (wow, really looks great).

[ part of our GAL CODE. : you MUST parapara ]
[ LOL . MIE is my favourite character in the story XD ]
[ part of our GAL CODE. you must make up right after you fight ]

The gals wanted to show to the Japanese something. They arrived at the middle of downtown Los Angeles shopping mall. What is going to happen? “Are you guys ready?” Is it what we think it is… PARAPARA? (no way!) Suddenly, (this is Gal is not dancing, does she even remember it?)
“STOP STOP STOP, excuse me Mie do you practice the moves?”
“That’s what I think I am doing”
“Tsubasa might be watching this, it’s a disgrace!”
“I’m just a little bit nervous!”
“You are a disgrace to the Galifornia!”
6) They are aware that they are being on Japanese Television.
“Just calm down you two! I can’t believe we are fighting over this, what if this whole segment is being aired in Japan that is considered a disgrace. I can’t believe this, we are trying to impress Tsubasa and our leader feels pressure because of that. Our leader is probably loves gal more than any of us, she’s just really intense when it comes to leading the group.

One hour later… OK we got to our favorite spot! YOSHIGYU, we heard that Tsubasa eats here too. 7) After an argument they go to YOSHINOYA. Yoshinoya is very popular in Los Angeles.

[ apparently j-gyaru eat @ Yoshinoya , so of all the nice restos in LA , they
wanted to see us eat here , eating beef bowls & drinking PEPSI ... but especially: ]


8) Beef bowl extra juice is the best. Even in the receipt it says “extra juice”. Even in Los Angeles you can experience the taste of Japanese. Putting a lot of assorted pepper and ITADAKIMASU!

[ it was actually really hard to eat XD surprised so many 'happy' photos LOL ]

“After eating beef bowl I feel that our argument was stupid, Mie, sorry to say harsh things to you, let’s work at the PARA PARA so we can perfect it together. (hahaha) We need to study more on the Japanese Gal Culture so we can show good things to Tsubasa!”

The staff says, “Um… sorry to burst your bubble but there are only a few Japanese Gal Circles in Japan and they are not that popular.” “…”

[ LOL ]


Did you like our rumor please judge (wowww!)
“It made me happy to know that Japan is being accepted by many”
“I know all you got to put is a host club nearby Yoshinoya and it is completely Japan” (HAHAHAHA)
“I really want to bring them to Shibuya” (Oh my gosh that’s brillian idea)
“What if we bring them to Shibuya and out of nowhere Tsubasa runs in to see to them?”
“Wow sounds so much fun! I would love to see that.”

the episode was basically highlighting our "GAL-CIRCLE CODE". i'm pretty sure we
actually only mentioned Masuwaka Tsubasa once the whole day, & that when they asked
us who was one of the most well-known gyaru. but I don't mind if we look obsessed XD
maybe she will be more motivated to visit the US LOL.

XD i'm not the leader, but it's true that i just might be that hardcore LOL but our group is actually split up by 1ST
GENERATION ☆ & 2ND GENERATION ☆, not leaders. thank you for including footage
from our HOLIDAY HOT MESS EVENT & FASHION SHOW ♥♥ i thought it was actually
fun playing more extremes of our ourselves as a gal-sa ; hope you were entertained XD

Where the freeway ends~

lol this blog is LONG overdue.


Omg so my friend Jeremy and I went on the adventure of the season!

A few weeks ago, we decide to change up our usual winter friday plans which usually consist of us driving aimlessly through the city and usually ending up at the mall (or anyplace warm)  and complaining about how boring KY is in the winter time because it's too cold to do anything.

But not that week! we had a PLAN! we were gonna go to the Summit, which is like a strip mall for rich people basically. However, never having ventured that far into the east end, we needed directions. no big deal, thats what the Blackberry's for.

So using my trusty blackberry, I got directions! So off we go! According to the directions we were supposed to get off exit X (dun remember all the details now lol) but of course, Jeremys like no, so we get off at exit Y.

ok....rerouting directions, we've added about 10 mins onto our big deal. So FYI the East End here is creepy! lots of gas stations, grocery stores and whatnot, then NOTHING. a bunch of hills with fancy ass houses and town homes and condos on top of them and lots of trees. We find the Street we should turn on and we turn.

the directions said to continue on Brownsboro Rd...ok, so I see a street sign  and tell Jeremy to turn. And then my GPS is like WRONG!!!!! so I'm like well turn around, this doesn't happen, we make a circle and end up in some creepy little rich people suburb with hill houses lol.. at this point I'm just laughing like a maniac because we REALLY have no idea of where we are. We turn around and find our way back to the place where we make the wrong turn and go straight!

This street that we took (which my gps says will get us there) is really windy and has woods with really rickety houses on either side, I'm just thinking that we've somehow managed to end up in the Hills with all the Hill People....

or maybe the Blue People!

ok the Blue guys not so scary looking...

But anyway, as the road continues to get narrower and windy-er (?) Jeremy starts to fuckin sneeze!

Not little sneezes, but BIG GROSS ones where snot goes everywhere! He had his nose covered, but his hand was fuckin gross!

I'm looking for tissues so he can wipe his hands on and falling all over EVERYTHING and , of course, no tissues! So Jeremy wiped his hands on a Mcdonalds bag.



we finally reach The Summit!

Blah, Blah, Blah the Summit was kinda lame

so we say well lets head out to the Half-Price Books on Westport, so back to the expressway, and we make it to Westport road with no fuck ups. However the Half-Priced Books on Westport, was kinda boring and they played REALLY annoying music that made Jeremy and I both more tire than we really were at the time.

after leaving that snooze-fest, we headed home..well kinda.

I told Jeremy to take 71-S back to Louisville, Jeremy says no! and we continue on the gene snyder...I reroute the GPS thinking that we have more exit options... my GPS says TURN AROUND....we dont turn around.... and I see a sign saying the freeway ends in 1000 feet.


so the freeway ends..and we're out in Prospect...

I have no clue about anything in Prospect.

The GPS says to get back on the Expressway, BUT OF COURSE Jeremy decides to turn down some street which is dark and creepy. We listen to Streams of Whiskey to perk up in this dire situation.

it worked for a second and we ended back up on a street that i knew! Pull the GPS back out an it tells us to get on the expressway going West...we miss the exit because some Asswipe wouldnt let us over. So we turn around in the parking lot of a liquor store.


so inside we go! we seriously spend like an hour in the liquor store lookin for beer. after finding some, we get back on the road and make it to the expressway! sweet wonderful expressway!

we get headed in the right direction finally and to get to my house, we had to go west, Jeremy went south... granted going south will get you to my house, it's just going to take longer.

But finally I make it home! I was sooooo glad to be home after that crazy day lol

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I need Help deciding

So its finally that wonderful time of the year!


Like Xiaxue, I am a Blackberry enthusiast and 


My Blackberry works perfect for me. 

As of right now I own a Blackberry BOLD 9700/Onyx 

This phone is a beast, like seriously the Best blackberry ever
8 months ago :(

But I was so dedicated to my 9700, that I was willing to simply use my upgrade and get another 9700. But upon my arrival to the AT&T store, I was given some horrible news:


ok....I cried a little, but I'm a trooper!




There is no way in HELL, I'm payin that much for a USED blackberry! Fuck, I'd be better off buying one directly from RIM!

Soooo I started looking for a new berry.

and i found the NEW BOLD

THE 9780

Its basically the same phone as the 9700 except for a few minor things:

More Memory
Better Camera

but theres one minor problem:



soooo, back to the AT&T website....

They have a bunch of curves (no) the new pearl (no) and the Torch.

So I looked at the Torch..its nice...a very differnt kind of blackberry than what I'm used to, but nice. and its only $99 with my I dont know... Should I wait and hope to god that AT&T gets the 9780, buy a used 9700 from ebay or just suck it up and get a Torch?

On a side note~ can anybody explain to my why at&t is still trying to sell the Curve 8900 but not my 9700?? The curve is like 8 months older than my Bold! dont get me wrong the 8900's a good phone and all..but...idunno. whatever

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chicken and Crazy Bitches

So Jeremy and I have a weekly adventure day~ every Friday.
Last weeks adventure was to the KFC Museum
(which we didnt even know existed until I found it online)
The museum is inside of the YUM food Corporate office...well..its in the Other corporate building....cuz there are two...or something like that...

it looks like a plantation lol


After walkin into the plantation building and expecting the whole thing to be some epic chicken museum....we were directed to this little room off to the side lol..

why is my head so big?????

The first thing you walk into is this huge bucket and a robot colonel! 
he talks and moves and all that fun stuff!

It was a little creepy because he kept lookin at me!

tell me thats not creepy!

Anyway, this one little room had so much Colonel Sanders information! it was pretty cool actually.

"If you got time to lean, you got time to clean!" 

hangin out with Norman Rockwell


lol fuckin jeremy

but yeah~ theres more pictures and stuff~ but chicken is boring after like 10 mins lol.

So we're leaving the museum, heading to Red Lobster (yeah, we're fancy lol) and Jeremy saw this lady on the side of the road. I didnt  even see the bitch till Jeremy pulled over. 

So this bitch comes up and is like " Oh! Ive been waitin here for so long! I need some gas, i need to get back home!"

I'm like NO!!! but of course Jeremy says "ok, I'll take you to the gas station to get some gas"

So this bitch gets in the fuckin backseat-- BEHIND ME -- and starts talkin like a fuckin crazy~ 

"ohh! ive been out there so long! I need to get gas to get back to nelson county! we owed somebody $3000~ and they didnt give us chance to pay em! IT WAS A HOME INVASION! 

(around this point i scooted my seat up as far as possible in case she decided to pull one of these!)
anyway~ she continues:

IT WAS A HOME INVASION! they shot me and raped me and they shot my husband and raped him~ now hes dead and in jail (i swear to GOD, she said this!!!) and they CUT ME! --she shows jeremy some old ass cut on her arm-- and i need to go to the dr! i need peroxide and that greasy stuff!!!

so at this point i send out a tweet, you case we die...

so jeremy says well if you need all that stuff we'll just go to the K-mart. but shes like no!no! I need money so i can get some gas! 

ok, so we go to the bank...we get to the atm and she leans her creepy, nasty, stank-ass, bad weaved head between the front seats and is like 

"I need $62.00"

Jeremy turns around and is like Bitch, i can give you $10!

so shes starts trying to barter!!! $50?






then she turns to me and is like well baby, do you have some money i can borrow?? i swear on Jesus name I'll give it back to ya!

I, just like No.

so jeremy trys to get $10 out of the atm~ but it only gives out 20's


so jeremy gives this bitch $20 and shes like well, i guess ill just get out and try to get the rest from somebody else.

so she gets out and walks away and we get the hell up out


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So much going on

I are alive!

so, life has been really crazy for me right now, but the main thing that really got me down was my relationship with John ending.

I'm not going to post exactly what happened on here because a)its a long fuckin story and b) because its nobody's business, but I will say that it was hard on both of us, and we are trying to remain friends. I still love him and I will more than likely always love him, but we're both better off like this.

but anyway!

So~ I went to Twisted and got a new piercing! Thank you Terry!   ...but I took it out after like 4 days lol

gettin ready to get pierced!


fuckin needle face

and after!

It was really cute and all, but i just couldn't deal with it, it made basic things really hard. it shouldn't take me 5 minutes to brush my teeth.

I also dyed my hair back to black. I liked my hair being light, but its so damaged from.....everything, and I had like 4 inches of black roots, so I decided to just put a rinse in it.

Back To Black
excuse my derp face.


O! And i bought a new pair of sunglasses~ Juicy of course...


and a random picture of me in Khols~ I'm pretty sure this is a picture for bad gals lol

Sunday, February 13, 2011

will blog soon

i promise.

got lots of things to blog about, just no motivation to actually blog


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Burn Pink: Lense Review


sorry~ long time no blog eh?

anyway~ today im reviewing my newest pair of circle lense! 

(purchased from pinky paradise)


Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Design: These lense are a little pixelated  when you see them in their solution, but this pixelation cant been seen on the eye.


L: the back R: the front

Enlargement: these lense are 14.5 mm so they're quite large ( or at least for me, since I'm used to 14mm lense) but they're not SUPER dolly looking. I do suggest wearing strong eye makeup with these lense or else risk looking like an alien.
thats pretty noticeable 

Color:  These are very very pink lol~ the main thing I see in reviews of pink lenses is that the color doesn't POP, especially in low light conditions. These too, tend to be a little less noticable in low light, but people can still tell that there's  'something not quite right" with my eyes as my grandma put it lol

indoors no flash

indoors with flash
outdoors sunlight

outdoors with flash

comfort: These are actually VERY comfortable!  however, after  like 6 hours of wear, my eyes do begin to feel a little dry, but its nothing eye drops cant fix =] 

design = 5/5
enlargement = 5/5
color = 4/5
comfort = 4/5


I love these lense and would recommended them to anybody, who likes a not-so-natural lense thats not too dolly, but not too boring