Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I struck Gold!

so while browsing through my old photobucket account, i freakin struck gold!!

I found a bunch of my old gal pics, a bunch of NANA pics, a shit ton of miyavi pics...o how i used to love that man lol!

and then on the last few pages, I found my High school prom pictures.


i mean, wow, gal changed my looks sooooo much. but enough of my babbling, onto the pictures:


all white everything lol

the bracessssssssssssss

aw =]

lol kill me now

"Oh my god becky look at her butt...it's just so big..."

and we end here

yeah, those were the days lol.

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Nude Lips


So after putting it off for forever, I've finally filmed my nude lip. I have no idea as to why I put it off for so long, it really only took 5 minutes.

o well, enjoy!

o! and I'm really sorry about the quality, the lighting in Chrissy's house isnt the best. I tried to brightenit up when i edited it, but  that didnt help too much. Also the sound is a little off for some reason too. I'll try to fix that if its possible.

ok on to the video!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Na na na na na na

If I was a rich girl (na, na....)
See, I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl
No man could test me, impress me, my cash flow would never ever end
Cause I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl

Think what that money could bring
I'd buy everything
Clean out Vivienne Westwood
In my Galliano gown
No, wouldn't just have one hood
A Hollywood mansion if I could
Please book me first-class to my fancy house in London town

Yes. Gwen stefani hit that shit on the head.

I really need to be asleep as I have to get up in like 6 hours to go with my friend stefanie on a fun filled day of adventure to make money.

Here's our plan:
-wake up
-pick up my check
-cash/deposit my check
-get licenses renewed/address' changed
-head to plasma donation center
-get physical and hopefully approves for donation
-donate for 2-3 hours
- get paid.
-not be broke anymore

So hopefully stefanie and I will take this plasma thing seriously and pull in a few extra dollars every month.

Have any of you guys donated plasma?
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

John Frieda Luxurious Volume anytime volume refresher Review


Today Im going to be reviewing a product by John Frieda!

disclaimer time:  [This product was not sponsored. I am in no way affiliated with John Frieda. I paid for this product with my own money.]


According to the John Frieda webpage on this product: 

Recreates volume at the roots while refreshing style by absorbing oils for a fresh full 
look. Dry spray shampoo can be used anytime, anywhere.

Directions: Shake can well before use. Use on dried, styled hair, as needed, throughout the day. Hold can 4-6 inches from hair. Lift hair in sections and spray at roots using short, quick bursts, blend fine powder into hair using fingers.

My Usage of this product  This product is made for Fine Hair, which I DONT HAVE lol. But I still use this product. On my natural hair, I mainly use it to absorb oil and such in between washes and to add volume to my crown on especially humid days. I also really like to use it after a relaxer to add volume since my hair is SO FLAT after a relaxer. 

I also use this product on my Wig believe it or not! It really does help with creating volume! one i get my hair as big as i want I throw down on freeze hair spray and make sure my hair stays where i put it!

The only con i can think of is the fine powder it leaves behind to soak up the oil; if youre in a hurry and forget to work it in, you look like you spray painted your root grey lol.

-Smells good
-Leaves your scalp feeling fresh and clean
-not stupid expensive (a 3.5oz can is $6)
-Can be found in most drugstore ( i got mine from walgreens)

-If you like it a lot, you can probably go through a can quickly
-the white powder needs to be blended

All in all, i will  continue to use this product in between washes and to pump up the volume in my hair (real and fake).

If anybody currently uses it, let me know how how you feel about it! ♥ 

So i got a sponsor!

hello guys! 

So I've accomplished a goal!  A small goal, but a goal nonetheless!  

I got my first sponsor!! 

\(^o\) (/o^)/

kcenterhk  emailed me and offered me the opportunity to review their products


So of course, I accepted and I should be receiving and reviewing my first product soon!

yay me!

Monday, June 13, 2011

KayWoww vs. AT&T

hey guys!

SO my cell phone service provider and I have been at each others throat for a few weeks now.

It actually got to the point where I had them cut my cell service.

I had planned on paying my phone bill on friday, so I had set up a one-time autopay. Well on Wednesday I checked my bank account to find that I had like $3 LESS than the amount due for my bill. 

Yeah, I couldve just let AT&T take the money out on friday and been $3 overdraft till I deposited my check right? No. My work schedule was set for Friday 6pm-close, so my bank wouldve been closed and I wouldve had to deposit my check on monday and deal with those stupid Overdraft fees.

So I called AT&T on wednessday to cancel the autopay; I told them that I would pay my bill on monday after i deposited my check, my bill would be past due, but nothing major. They told me that would be fine and removed the autopay. I got my associates name along with the date, time and confirmation number.

So fast forward to Friday. I wake up and check my bank account. 

I'm $98.18 OVERDRAFT.


Motherfuckin AT&FuckinT

you have no idea how fast I called 611.

I talked to customer service who told me that I had to cancel an autopay 24 hours in advance in order for it to take effect. I told him the autopay was setup for Friday and I called on WEDNESDAY to cancel it. 48 hours in advance. I gave him the name and confirmation number and all that, and he was like  "We'll we've already taken the money out, but since the funds werent all there, we  had to charge you an additional $27 for a bounced payment." 

an additional $27 for a bounced payment



When he told me this,   I was LIVID. 

So i'm startin to get  a lil' attitude! I'm like so you took money out of my account, using an autopay feature that i cancelled 48 hours in advance vs 24, and then charging me and EXTRA $27 because the funds werent in my account, which is the reason why I cancelled the autopay in the first place? 

this dick says yes! YES!!!

I"m like well you guys fucked up, can I speak to a manger?

I get a manager and explain the situation. He tells me the SAME FUCKIN THING!


So, I ask the manager if I can have the money put back into my account. He's like thats between you and your bank.

I hung up.


So I get dressed and run up to work to get my check so i can deposit it and not have to deal with overdraft fees.

I deposit $150 into my account. Which brings me up to $51.82. fuckin great. I SHOULDVE HAD $298.18 IN MY DAMN ACCOUNT!!!


So that incident totally fucked me. I had bills due! So i pay the bills that I can and call my credit companies and tell them the situation and get extensions on my payments.

Monday rolls around and ive got like $15 to my name... O well AT&T...you guys will get paid, when I get paid.

Around Wednesday, AT&T starts to call me about my past due bill, I basically tell em to fuck off and that they already took my money.

Then Friday i get paid again, deposit my check and see the AT&T  had put back the money they took, back into my account.

Good job.

I had planned to pay them that day.

But they had to go and fuck shit up.

They called me and told me about my bill again, but this time they said that they were gonna terminate my service for late payment.


I, once again, explain to the customer service rep, what all had happened, and he had said, well, if we terminate your service and you plan to re-activate it, you'll be charged the $36 activation fee.

at this point my blood was boiling. So I say to him:

Cut my service then. I'll go to T-mobile.

and hung up.

So they cut my service.



all the while I'm browsing the T-mobile site.

But in the end I ended up turning my AT&T service back on..only because my Blackberry Torch is the best Blackberry  on the market.....Till the fuckin Bold Touch/9900 comes out in like 3 months.

Plus I like my rollover minutes.

O! and i didnt have to pay any fuckin fees. 


Friday, June 3, 2011

Rolling Razor

hello there. Please be prepared for a blog full of cosmetology jargon. im sorry, and ill be sure to put definitions.

I’m here because I’m smart, not because I’m young and gorgeous…although I am!
Judge Judy

Ok! Hai guys! So today   we're gonna compare cosmetology school to "regular college".

Are they the same, no. do you work JUST as hard, FUCK YES.

click to enlarge
You have no idea how mad this made me.

So youre sayin that my license isnt as good as your degree?


while i may not have to go to school for 4+ years, my license is still fuckin valid! i pay tuition the same as you do! my $17,000 is just as good as your $40,000.

however, all of my shit is included: my books, my shears, my clippers, my combs, all that shit!

ok so mr. engineer, mr. lawyer, mr. doctor, mr.neurosurgeon

do you know how to:
  • side slice?
  • razor taper?
  • do a savage  cut?
  • what makes red hair red?
  • what the natural  hair color level of most celtic hair is?



Side Slice: hold a large section of hair between your index and middle fingers (or a camb)
with the razor held vertically slide the tip back and  forth across the ends.

Razor Taper: Use the tip of the razor and cut small intermittent (alternating) strands of hair half an inch away from the scalp.

Savage Cut: divide the back of the head into 2 sections. use diagonal partings that gradyally become horizontal to conform to the head. 
begin a  diagonal back baseline from the nose to blend w/ the length established in the back. cut using diagonal partings.
shift the hair in front 1/3 to the baseline to create layers and longer length.

repeat on the other side.

create reverse positive  elevation by establishing a 6' guide at the crown. cut the top guide anti-head, getting slightly longer at the face.

divide the back of  th e head into 3 panels.  cut the center panel  using a small section of previously cut hair from the top as a guide. bring all  hair up and use a squeezing technique.

cut the side back panels in the same manner.

Blend the layering in the front of the head and the cener back panel.

check and blend all lengths and layering in the front.

check entire head.


red hair is red because of Pheomelanin

most celtic hair is naturallyin the 4  to 7 level range.the more you lift this the more gold and orange tones you will see

I know my shit.

 (granted yes i did use my book for that step-by-step of the savage cut and how to spell "Pheomelanin")

cosmetology is no fuckin joke.

and i dont appreciate when people say that I'm not learning anything "practical" or "life skills"


thats pretty fuckin practical  to me!

I had to learn chemistry and anatomy, maybe not the way a surgeon would, but goddammnit if i mix shit wrong you can bet that nothing good can come from it!

I have to know about diseases of the skin.

you ever seen Onychogryphosis??????

LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!

shits gross.

I cant treat that. Id have to send you to a doctor.

ima throw in a few questions from my state exam book.

*The elements that makeup the amino acids in hair are carbon,nitrogen, hydrogen,:

 a)sulfur and chlorine b) copper and oxygen c) oxygen and sulfur, d) oyxgen and sodium

*The bonds that account for the strength and elasticity of the hair are the:  

a)side bonds b) peptide bonds c) polypeptide bonds d) end bonds

*A disulfide bond joins the ____ atoms of two neighboring cysteine amino acids to create cystine

a) carbon b) hydrogen c) nitrogen d) sulfur

* A classic A-line bob is cut with a:

a) high elevation b) diagonal cutting line c) vertical cutting line d) 90-degree elevation

*if you use an oxidizing haircolor on  hair that has  been treated with metallic dye, the:

a) the  result will look artificial b) the color will be more effectively c) the hair will swell and smoke d)  result will look more natural

*Bromhidrosis means:
a) excess sebum  b) lack of sebum c) foul-smelling perspiration d) lack of perspiration

so tell me that I'm not in college now.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


1.describe your style as a gal.
rock tsuyome agejo

2. Which models inspire you to get dressed ? 
kaoru wantanabe
3. What are the brands are you wearing lately ? 
no brands. just whats hot

4. What was your first thing from 109 (or similar) ? 
hopefully this tutuha top
5. what compliment about your wardrobe do you like best ? 
i like them all
6. What do you wear most often ? 
skinny jeans!

7. I like getting....? 
new makeup
8. What is the first thing you look at when you see a gal ? 
9. What gal rules have you broken ? 
10. What would you never wear ? 
11. What do you think is essential for a good look ?
be on point at all times
12. How do you feel when viewed as a gyaru?
13. You have many friends that are gals ? 
14. What is the next thing you plan to buy and desperately need?
tutuha top
15. What's your favorite accessory ? 
bags and shoes

16. Sexy, monotone or elegant ? 
sexy most def
17. Would you wear clothes that aren't in fashion ?
so long as its cute
18. What is your current obsession ? 
eyeliner and skinny jeans
19. Do you like to spread gal fashion? How do you do it ?
Yea i try to get my friends into it but what can i say its not for everyone.
20. What advice would you give to someone starting out ?