Monday, December 6, 2010

The holes in my body

as you may or may not know~ I am all about body modification. I love it. I even like Catman~ 

That type of body modifications not really my style, but I like when people are happy with themselves.
I'm no stranger to the world of body modificaton, but I'm also no Cat Man either lol
I've had several piercings, some twice and thats what this blog is about~ thanks captain obvious lol

All of my piercings were done by Amy and/or Natalie At Twisted Images

Twisted Images Tattoo & Piercing

Twisted Images, Inc.
1223 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40204

We are open Tuesday - Friday, Noon - 8PM
Saturday from Noon until we leave.

If you're ever in Louisville and want a piercing hit me up and I can get you a discount ;)

ok~ so im gonna try and remember my piercings in chronological order, this may or may not work. Ive had a LOT.

here we go:

1) Monroe- technically this was done at Tattoo Charlies~ but I took it out, let it close up and got it redone by Amy =]. Easy piercing, minimal pain, little swelling. Ive taken it out and let it heal up 3 times lol. I just cant seem to decide if I love it or if I hate it.


2) Tongue. This was probably the easiest piercing EVER! It didn't hurt, it didn't swell, it was CAKE. I ate fried chicken like 10 minutes after I got it pierced. I was SO scared to get it done though! I watched Xiaxue get her tongue pierced (well the video, not personally) like a million times!

3)Tragus~ lets see....was that next??.....It may have been my tragus~ Im not 100% sure. my ear piercings were kinda small compared to what i got as i got more comfortable with the needle lol so im just going to list all of my ear piercings

* Both Tragi

all of my ear piercings have since been "retired", but i may get them re-pierced, especially my tragi, I miss GiGi and GaGa. (they were named that Pre-Lady Gaga, thank you.)

4) My Bellybutton ~ was next. My bellybutton is/was a little fucked up. I think I had an umbilical hernia? this is how it used to look: 

      and this is how it looks now!

I know it's still not the most perfect bellybutton, but its mine and I like it! But anyway~ it's pierced on the bottom because I didn't have enough skin on the top, but I did have plenty on the bottom, so I has bottom navel pierce! And it did hurt. nothing terrible, maybe a 4 on a scale from 1-10?  HOWEVER!! the healing process was A BITCH! SEAT BELTS WERE THE ENEMY! but cleaning it every night and taking care of it paid off! It's now one of the only piercings that has NEVER given me any shit.

5)nostril~ So I've given up on the chronological order thing lol~ But Im pretty sure my nostril was next! It was also pretty painful. cartilage is thick! and yes i know my ear piercings were through cartilage ~ but those were different. with my nostril, it was a whole different set up, I could actually SEE the needle right before it jabbed me! and thats probably what makes it scary lol. Also, my eyes watered and I screamed and I wonder why Amy ever pierced again after that lol, i was like a child.

6) Septum~ another easy piercing. No real pain during or after, i actually dont even think I flinched when I got it. but my friend pointed out to me that the tip of my nose would be sore, so (of course) i basically punched myself in the nose and yeah, it hurt. A LOT! This was also the piercing that i got the most shit about. "oh you look like a bull" "It's too manly on you!" blah blah blah, didn't care! my nose lol!

The only problem with my septum was that it was basically fighting for my left nostril with my nose ring. and since my nose ring was older and my septum was basically new, I took out my nose ring.

7) nipples~ O.M.G. these bitches were MURDER! EASILY my most painful piercings.15 on a scale of 1-10. BUT, they literally only hurt for like 3 seconds. no joke. But I did cry though, but only for like 2 seconds. They have names too ~ the right one is KayKay and the left one is YanYan. When you get your nipples pierced, be aware that the healing time can vary greatly. Ive had a friend say hers healed in a year, some people say 6 months, Ive had mine going on 2 years and they are still not fully healed. But also, because of the amount of pain these two have caused, I will probably never permanently take them out. they're comin with me to the grave. TO THE GRAVE!

8)HCH yeah, thats my who-ha~ lol. I have a horizontal hood piercing, not to be confused with a VCH (vertical hood piercing). My piercing is of no practical use (aka no walking orgasms.) Its simply there to look pretty and house bling lol. Ive taken it out a few times, but ive put it back in. so Im a little on the fence with it. i like it, but as i said it serves no purpose. eh. Also a pretty easy piercing, maybe a 3/10.

9)My Anchors. I had 2 micro dermal anchors between my boobs. The top one was the first one and her name was Nicole. The bottom one was Paris. I got Nicole on a whim, i think i was with a friend and I just decided that I wanted one lol (my friend had 2 anchors as well). I got Paris a few months later, also on a whim. Now let me clear something up:


surface barbell
surface piercing

dermal anchor

MY anchors
Excuse me while I get technical up in this bitch: 

           a surface piercing is a double point piercing, 2 holes, 2 entry points. You measure the barbell and where ever you're getting pierced, the needle is inserted under the skin and out through the other side, at which time the barbell is inserted.They have a high change of rejection and IMHO are just dumb, don't spent the money on somethings going to reject and leave a nasty scar at that.
          a dermal anchor is a single point piercing. One hole. thats all. first you get a skin massage! then a biopsy needle us used to cut out a small piece of skin, then a needle is used to create a pocket for the anchor. The anchor is put it, and youre bandaged up. skin grows into the little holes of the anchor and its the "anchored" into your skin. However, they may reject too, mine did lol. 

Technical bitch is done now.

My anchors were weird feeling but not painful, kind of like a hard pinch. HOWEVER, Paris was a cunt and her foot was basically trying to come out of my chest, so after taping it down for like a month, thinking maybe it just needed to be told who was boss, there was no change and I had to have Amy cut her out.
 a bit more painful than getting it put in and my friends said the second Amy cut me with the scalpel, the smell of chicken and watermelon filled the room lol.

after the removal of Paris

No big deal, I still had one anchor, old faithful, Nicole. Me and Nicole was like peas and carrots. Well, apparently peas, don't really like carrots, because Nicole started to be a cunt a few weeks ago.

It was swollen and lymph was coming out, I assumed I would get a cold soon, since my piercings tend to act up before i get sick. After 2 weeks and no cold, I was tired of Nicole's bullshit. So she got cut out as well. 

and if youre wondering~ the scars from my anchors being cut out are hardly noticeable. =]

I'm not too sure on if I want any more piercings or not, but theres always a possibility.
I do however want a shit ton of tattoos~ all tastefully done of course!


Truffe Au Chocolat said...

Hoooooly f*ck
That's a lot of peircings xD I wanna get a monroe one but my pops is like *SPAZZZ! NO MO PIERCIN FO YUUUU!*

Anonymous said...

2 things:

1) the sound you made during your tongue piercing (you know, like a pterodactyl getting shot with a bbgun out of the sky) wasn't mentioned!

2) I like your janky bellybutton. Yay.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Chaudie said...

My lil sister had an umbilical hernia too. But it was so severe that they created a new belly button for her. It reminds me of waves in an ocean.