Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Anti-Aging Skin care routine

[this is not an advert. I was not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All of these products were bought with my own money. also, this is MY new skin care routine, what works for me may not work for you.I am not responsible if you get breakouts, don't like these products or if your face falls off.]
Hello Butterflys (yes I call my followers Butterflys)
You may recall from this post that i started using a new skincare routine. And my skin has improved soooo much! Its clearer and brighter and that makes me happy!
I've noticed a few fine lines around my eyes and my mouth that don't make me happy :( but then again I am (almost) in my mid 20's which is truthfully when skin starts to age. nothing TOO serious, but your skin usually starts loosing its elasticity, ability to produce collagen and your skin cell turnover rate slows down resulting in duller, less radiant skin.
I'm sorry but I aint got time for that!
I plan on being a MILF and then a GILF (grandma id like to fuck).... JUST SAYIN!!

 (and yeah, I am 100% aware that I should stop smoking if I dont want wrinkles.
quiting is hard.
So, recently I changed my skin care from anti-acne to anti-aging!
and these are the products I now use:

I love this cleanser! it comes out super creamy and then after you wet it it becomes the most wonderful, rich lather. omg I love it. it has a really nice smell that's not too strong or overpowering. and after I rinse it off my face isn't tight or anything.

After using it for a few weeks, my skin had become smoother and is still as radiant as it was when I was using the Burt's Bees.

this shit is BANANAS!

next up is my eye cream/gel:

Super amazing~ the Day cream is the white side. it has SPF 25!! and the Night gel is...a gel lol! its green! I've also been using this for about a week and my eyes are less puffy in the morning and my little baby crows feet are gone! the night gel is my favorite because the texture is super creamy (but not heavy) and once you rub it in (use your pinky or ring finger to rub it in, they have the lightest pressure ;) )


Next in line is my Night cream
This stuff is HARD.CORE.

Its meant to combat advanced signs of aging which I don't have yet, but I'd rather treat it early.

this is how Avons anti-aging products work,they have 4 different lines of skin care depending on your age and/or your visible signs of aging:

I really could get away with using only the Anew Rejuvenate series, but I received this ULTIMATE NIGHT CREAM from my lovely great grandmother (who's in her 80s, and just started using this even though i told her the only way to get rid of her wrinkles would be to get a face lift, and then i said but you're not getting a face lift cuz you look fine). anyway she gave it to me because she said she didn't like it/ "it doesn't work"

WELL~ it DOES work! and quite well, just not for somebody in her mid-80s.

The picture is a little misleading because its not really a cream. its more like....hmmm im not sure of how describe the texture/ consistency. its more like hair dress.

its kind of silicone-y in texture, but it glides on so smooth and absorbs into my skin so quickly and leaves my face feeling almost balmy(?), but in a good way!
for my "extras" as I call them.
these items are things I use on an "as needed" basis.
AMBI® Fade Cream for Normal Skin
95% of the time right before my uterus starts actin a fool like it runs this shit, I usually get a small breakout. No biggie!
EXCEPT for when I get THAT ONE FUCKIN PIMPLE that is HUGE and under the skin.
(that bastard zit)
The spa  (link here) I go to where I get waxed and the occasional facial  is super amazing and when I feel one coming on, I go in  and get a "zit zap" to keep the vile beast from becoming cystic.
(the zit zap is free with any facial)
However, after the zit understands that I will not put up with its bullshit, it has the last laugh and leaves me with hyperpigmentation aka a fuckin dark spot.
that motherfucker.
So, i use Ambi fade cream.
it has a pretty weird smell,but it works!
I apply a thin layer over the spot 2-3 times a day and in about 2 weeks the spot is gone!
Its also good to use if you have tar baby elbows and knees like I do lol
yeah....I said TAR BABY
lol,  but really, dont get your panties in a twist.
my blog, my rules.
Carrying on, my final "extra", is also a pretty beastly product meant for women in maybe their 40's
yeah, the big guns.
I mainly use this on days where I have to look photoshopped IRL,which isnt often now lol.
But this when used in conjunction with my Avon products , makes me look GREAT.
I use this for the lines around my mouth and around my lips.
Since I smoke, the elasticity around my mouth has a greater chance of getting weaker faster, so I use this to plump my face up! FUCK YOU WRINKLES!
since it does have retinols in it, you HAVE to wear sunscreen with it or risk a SUPER NASTY SUNBURN.
My day moisturizer is still Burts Bees
and even though my cleanser has exfoliants infused in it, I still do a very thorough exfoliation about three times a week, because I'm really OCD about my skin texture.
most favorite exfoliator EVER.
I can not live without this in my life.
So yeah! this is my anti-aging skin care routine now!
I'll be doing another post on anti-aging skincare soon!
What do you guys to to stay young and fresh?
ya know, besides be young.
ta-ta my Butterflys

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

coming up!

hey guys! so ive been totally mia through 2012. sorry lol, it was just a poopy year.

BUT 2013 will be my year!

im planning on getting a 2nd job sometime soon, so i shall have more income to pay bill and shop

but mostly pay off my mountain of debt

also 2013 will be my one year anniversary with Christoper!

yay us!!

after 2 years he said he would marry me :3

we got this!!!

also,im finally feeling super motivated and positive!

so i may do a few videos in the next couple of weeks!

i may do a skin care video, my eyebrow tutorial and i HAVE to redo my "catching up with kaywoww" video, since the mic on chris' laptop wasnt working when we filmed to 1st one lol.

lol look at this hot mess~

i also plan on reding my blog like 100%

i usually do it all myself, but since i had to wipe my computer, i lost a lot of my GIMP brushes.

also im not really sure how i want to do it.

maybe ill spend a little bit of money and have a custom layout made!

anybody have any suggestions for a good blog/graphic designer that's pretty cheap? I don't wanna spend more than $35 on my silly little blog lol

Help a gal out!!!